7 home lifehacks that will make your life easier

7 бытовых лайфхаков, которые сделают вашу жизнь проще

You will only need simple items that, most likely, you already have.

1. Flatten clothes with ice cubes

If you have a washing machine with a drying function, you can do without iron and steamer. To get rid of creases on clothes, put it inside a drum together with a couple of ice cubes and turn on the dryer at the highest temperature. Leave for 10 minutes. The ice melts and turns to steam, which will smooth the clothes. Lifehack works best with thin fabrics.

2. Attrite stains with vinegar

Vinegar — superstar cleaning. For example, it is easy to wash off coating on the glasses that don’t clean with soap and water. To do this, simply add in a bowl of water a little white vinegar and soak into her Cup. Or pour it on a rag and RUB the dishes (then do not forget to rinse).

It’s just as easy to remove old stains from watering cans for the shower. Fill it with vinegar, a plastic bag, put the funnel and tie. Leave overnight. In the morning wipe with a damp cloth.

Even the vinegar will help you to quickly clean dirty blinds. To do this, pour some funds into the bowl (1 : 1) and put in hand an old sock. Immerse it in vinegar and wipe the plate of the blinds one by one is much easier than to remove them entirely and wash in water.

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3. Collect the broken glass with a piece of bread

This trick is especially useful when you need to collect small fragments. Lightly spray the slices of bread and press it to the floor in places where the scattered glass, and the shards will stick to the crumb.

4. Clean the mirror with shaving cream

It’s a double life hack: foam not only saves the mirror from contamination, but will help it not to fog up within a couple of weeks. Just wipe the surface of the foam, and then blot well with a paper towel or rag. The same can be done with goggles and glasses in the car.

5. Wash the blender for a few seconds

Instead to wash the blade and every detail of the blender separately, fill it up the middle with hot water, add some dishwashing detergent, close the lid and switch on the device. The hot liquid will remove leftover food, and you will only have to rinse the appliance.


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6. Neutralize odors in the kitchen

Sometimes the smell disappears a few days after cooking and it is very annoying. Optional spray air freshener or to clean every inch of the kitchen. Instead, immediately after cooking, boil a pot of water with orange and lemon peel and the smell of citrus will kill all the rest.

7. Clean a bathtub with grapefruit

Forget expensive and harmful cleaners. Water bath, cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle generously with salt and wipe the surface plumbing. Then rinse it with water. A mixture of citrus juice and salt will remove the plaque and stains and leave a pleasant aroma. This method can be used to clean sinks and taps.

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