7 financial sins, which really need to get rid of in 2020

7 финансовых грехов, от которых точно надо избавиться в 2020 году

It may not save your soul, but will have a beneficial impact on the wallet.

1. Laziness: not wanting to manage their finances

The accounting of expenses and revenues — the key, the value of earnings are not as important. And a large company with billions in turnover, and a tiny company planning the budget. If this is not done, the consequences will be dire.

People somehow believe that they all work differently, but it’s not. If you don’t know how much to spend, you will not be able to efficiently save and spend. But as soon as you start to control the Finance, your life will change. If you don’t believe, just find someone who responsibly in this process, and ask how he’s doing. Or read one of the articles on Lifehacker.

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2. Gluttony: to live beyond their means

Often put an equal sign between gluttony and gluttony, saying that it is the excesses and greed in food. But gluttony can be seen as the pursuit of any frills. It is not known how detrimental this passion is reflected in my soul, but on the finances — very.

And one thing, if you buy a fifteenth pair of shoes or a new smartphone, because I can afford it. Quite another when for this you get the credit.

Debts and loans for household goods and things you are not so required, hazardous.

And not only that you are overpaid at the expense of percent. The habit of living on credit creates the illusion that you can afford a particular purchase — just acquire a thing now, and pay later. Quite often this leads to the fact that the debt is growing, and give him nothing. Now the Russians have banks 17,5 Information about loans extended to individuals residents in rubles and foreign currency trillion rubles, and 730 million arrears. Mortgage loans account for just over 40% of the total loan funds.

3. Envy: to feel and not to be

Water on a mill of this sin is now actively pour the social network. Here you subscribe to the account of the actor or a successful businessman. See how he drives a cool car, buys branded clothes, expensive cosmetics uses. You all that is immediately necessary — otherwise stars would not receive such a large How to get our and foreign stars for a post in Instagram amount for advertising.

Envy stimulates consumption. But here’s the terrible truth: to be a hero, you need to work it, and not buy the same things.

If you are an ordinary office worker and buy a very expensive watch, like the businessman, you will become like him. You’re a regular office worker with a very expensive clock and missed opportunities, because in your life there are certain items of expenditure that are important.

So adequately evaluate their financial situation and do not chase picture. If you take the money you spend on something to throw dust in the eyes, and to invest into something useful — education, health, or investment, meaning it will be much more.

4. Vanity: being too proud to save

As old as the world the divorce (or a marketing ploy, if you want): long story man about the product, to get him to spend a lot of time and show interest, and then call a fabulous price. Sometimes people climb over the purse only because they are ashamed to admit that this thing can not afford or just seems too expensive. Suddenly others do not think.

Because of the fear of looking poor someone doesn’t go to regular supermarkets, someone is buying more expensive goods with the same composition, but a great name, someone gets nothing at the stocks, someone asks you about special offers. And loses money.

Save — is not ashamed.

Instead of any cost to maintain a semblance of financial independence, it can be purchased — including at the expense of more bargains. Possible get rich on the economy will not work. And without it, to make it all the more will come, so why worsen the situation because of vanity.

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5. Anger: blame their failures on anyone but themselves

To blame the financial problems of world government, reptilians, aliens from Mars is very convenient. Because you can do it from the comfort of your sofa — why, because life is full of injustice. But if someone lives better, he stole and got bribes.

But your life is your responsibility.

It would be unfair to say that high earnings sufficient desire alone. People live in different conditions. If you were born in the family of the capital of a millionaire, studied in the best universities of the world and are familiar with the influential people, the chances of success you seem to have more than a country boy from a broken home.

But you can’t get in a time machine and be reborn differently. The magician in the blue helicopter will arrive to correct this injustice. It’s time to grow up and act in those conditions.

6. Lust: choose momentary pleasure, not an important goal

In the most literal sense it also works. Cheating is a common reason for divorce. While marriage is largely an economic enterprise. It often happens that the couple can afford a higher standard of living than single people. Two people can add up their money, so it’s easier to save up for large purchases like housing and cars. Moreover, the two need one apartment, kettle, iron and so on. The separation doubles the number of required leads to a section of the capital.

But let’s think wider. To act for the future difficult. For example, you save up for a down payment on the mortgage. Long years of restrictions. And here you see the discount on the iPhone. Of course, buy you will appreciate. You even will think to invest money: discount the same. But the long-term goal of buying an apartment was from you even further.

The position of “you only live once” has a right to exist. But we live with it long enough. So that should take care of is to do it in comfort. If you have an important purpose — housing, pension, education, to change their short-term pleasure is not worth it.

7. Gloom: to accept the situation and not wanting to change anything

If you are completely happy with their lives, unable to do nothing. No one is obliged to get out of the comfort zone (especially since there so hard to get), simply because it constantly shamed motivational posts in Instagram. But if you do something in life do not like, it’s never too late to try to fix it. For example, Colonel Sanders, Creator of KFC, became a millionaire after 60. Chef Julia child published a book, received a status and popularity in 50 years.

And in the end, it is a sin to indulge in despondency when there are other sins.

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