7 common mistakes made by those who gets in the way HLS

7 ошибок, которые часто совершают те, кто встаёт на путь ЗОЖ

Not necessary so, if you really want to become healthier.

7 ошибок, которые часто совершают те, кто встаёт на путь ЗОЖ

Kamilla Nigmatullina

A fitness beginner.

Imagine the situation: your friend stopped eating carbs and started writing down the calories, Jogging in the morning and train hard. At every opportunity, I shared another recipe for chicken breast, ordered sports leggings from advertising in Instagram and heavy box of supplements. A month later I broke and quickly returned to their former way of life.

Maybe it’s you? Then immediately the presence of mind to do the work on the bugs.

1. Throw in the deep end

There is no one worse than a beginner who began to realize all known to mankind covenants HLS — often questionable. It is about such talk: “Make a fool to pray to God, he hurt his forehead”.

Last year I was such a fool that whatever was decided on the shape of Thumbelina to increase a few pounds of muscle. Two strength training a week, I went on all four, and at some point take the femur in the direction of without tears was impossible. It turns out that at 36 years old can build muscle, but you can’t forget about age-related changes in the joints (eg, osteoarthritis) and generally reducing the mobility.

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Two months later, the pain managed to overcome, but now I exercise not only for increasing strength in muscles, but mobility and stability ligaments. Try to sit down on a chair against the wall — hold out a minute? Or take “pistol” on one leg. Fell? Just the same: even in healthy, but untrained people will not succeed easily.

Another sad story (not about me but about many losing weight) — cutting caloric intake is below the “living wage”: for example, less than 1 000 calories a day provided that the base consumption of the body at rest — 1 200-1 300 kcal. In the end, negative health effects, and the smaller the initial percentage of body fat, so they are harder (but people with obesity can fast long enough Features of a successful therapeutic fast of 382 days’ duration ). It’s very simple: the less the body gets energy, the more it saves energy and the less able to move.

If you lie and don’t eat, then you are a vegetable, not healthy people.

2. Trust the first expert

Instagram throws daily advertising messages in the spirit of “lose weight by summer”, “flat stomach in a month” “become beautiful without dieting”. And then they have the charisma blogger, beautiful results clients and promises, the essence of which lies in the bait “without much effort”.

The truth is, “cheap, fast and easy” is the obvious signs of quackery.

Without effort nothing good happens. Work on yourself, in principle, should be heavy, whatever you’re doing.

Therefore, in order not to make health problems after healthy lifestyle‑marathons, you should look carefully to the arguments of gurus (if any, in addition to emotional triggers).

  • Operates an “expert” on contemporary (i.e. current year) proven (i.e., based on double‑blind, placebo-controlled study) medical facts. Including metacleavage which sum up all current.
  • What are the main claims of the proposed method, in addition to the emotion and competitive wars. Here it is worth examining the position of scientists — to look for scientific or popular science publications on the resources that can be trusted.
  • As far as long-term results of the project participants or the marathon, what happens to them after a year or two. Do not be lazy to find people on social networks and just see their pictures.

Finally, look at your passport and your medical history. If you are elderly, suffer from diabetes or eating disorders, then the generic rules you will not work, but the supervision of a physician and medical records will be needed.

3. Limit yourself to something

Many people have a healthy lifestyle is associated with renunciation of one product or a whole group. At different times I did not eat sugar, bread, fast food, fried. Someone who doesn’t eat tomatoes, someone is drinking coffee with butter someone eats some fruit, and some fear of obesity from fructose.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle involves the rejection of universal unhealthy habits of excessive alcohol consumption, Smoking, psychoactive substances, as well as life on the couch. But the rest of the healthy lifestyle is not about restrictions, but about the balance between Dietary carbohydrate intake and mortality: a prospective cohort study and meta‑analysis of diet and exercise.

Some choose the slightly more challenging path, for example, interval fasting or complete abstinence from alcohol, and there is a reason (for example, alcohol reduces The effects of alcohol on muscle growth testosterone). But people who are not going to the gym‑podium, it is sufficient to obtain the nutrients from various foods and move more.

Also we are not created for eternal diets or endless progressive training.

You need to give yourself a rest, but not to break away.

Many people follow a diet workdays, but on weekends try to compensate all this massive Zagora under alcohol. At least, it harms the development of healthy habits.

4. Carried away by supplements indiscriminately

HLS in social networks very quickly locates targeted advertising useless and expensive supplements. Dazzled by bars, protein powder, gainers, BCAA, and a variety of energy drinks. If the norm is “to throw pretragom” every time before a workout, it’s clearly something unhealthy. Diuretics, emetics, and other “traditional methods” of losing weight — it is and does violence to the body. And the use of sports “chemistry” — the lot of those who compete at any cost (especially the cost of their health).

There is a minimal set of really nutrients that we seldom get from food or synthesize only from the sunlight. Everything else is from the evil one. In Northern climes it may be helpful to take vitamin D or omega‑3, but there is no clear guidance from authoritative organizations like the who or FDA. Besides the General recommendations don’t always work individually.

It is important to understand that bloggers are you inspired to earn mainly from advertising anything and everything: nutritional supplements, sports equipment and clothing.

You need to strive to ensure that all minerals and substances essential to a balanced diet. And additives go only when it will say the doctor saw the results of your tests. Regular health screening is also a part of the lifestyle.

5. To think that progress will be quick

If 35 years lying on the couch, then at 36 you will not become a fitness model, even in the super. If 45 years to eat cheap sausages with ketchup and desserts in margarine, then in 46 you don’t get rid of the high cholesterol and stroke risk, and if someone begins to eat.

The fact is that muscles grow slowly (although growing Effect of a hypocaloric diet, increased protein intake and resistance training on lean mass gains and fat mass loss in overweight police officers even on a low calorie diet), fat is the last to leave, but to return to the original shape is not difficult (remember your new year holidays).

Health is not the number on the scale or inch tape (although the second is a good indicator), but primarily health. The true components of a healthy lifestyle is a good night’s sleep (when you Wake up rested), healthy complexion, appearance of skin, hair and nails, no problems with digestion and other systems, a sense of energy and vitality throughout the day, the desire to move, good mood without “doping”.

6. To preach on every corner

Sometimes the healthy lifestyle becomes a way of life, and obsession. Everywhere mereschatsya incorrect, which it is necessary to instruct on the right path. In the end, suffering first family, then friends and colleagues. On holiday feasts people instead of toast lectured about the dangers of carbohydrates and tortures of the waiters about the ingredients. After some time, this adept HLS finds himself drinking a smoothie of celery alone.

Any preacher knows that his own example is stronger than fiery words.

Talk to people on the subject of health, but only if they ask about it. Eat everything that is served at the hotel. And let friends do notice how good you look. For example, I have long been interleaved positions in the Instagram thoughts about your experience in proper nutrition and sports, and just recently friends began to confess in that silently watching me and begin to fix something in your lifestyle.

7. To lead a healthy lifestyle from case to case

Lifestyle and the way that differs from the single action regularity, and almost with unconsciousness. When the hand extends itself to the meat or vegetables in the store, but not to chocolate bars when the legs themselves are to class even after a hard working day at the weekend choose exercise instead of binge watching on the couch.

This is not a compulsion, but a sincere desire to give your body the best of everything: food, movement, sleep.

“Slim by the summer” or to run 20 minutes on the treadmill before going to a bar is definitely not a healthy strategy. How to find motivation, you ask? Often look in the mirror and do not use filters on the photo.

Before you will develop healthy habits have to go through the natural stages of resistance. Losing weight tired and frustrated, the trainee is not progressing and drop classes. And losing weight, exercising and sleeping poorly due to stress and overload. In these times needs the support of loved ones and, preferably, a supervisor or doctor. Together is always easier to overcome difficulties.

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