4.8 billion will be invested in the roads of Quebec

4,8 milliards seront investis dans les routes du Québec

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The quebec minister of Transport, François Bonnardel

Quebec will undertake this summer the paving of the bridge-tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine, on its entire length, in anticipation of its major redevelopment which will continue until 2023. This major project included in the long list of road work that the ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ) will conduct over the next three years across the province, for a total investment of 4.8 billion.

While the construction of the bridge, Samuel De Champlain is coming to an end, Quebec is an attack on the site of the tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine, which connects Montreal to the South Shore. The infrastructure, the construction of which dates back to the 1960s, is in need of a major rejuvenation and Québec expects that construction will be staggered over four years.

The first phase of work is to repave the highway on 1.5 km, which will be completed during the next few months. “The work will be more possible at night, so as not to hinder the traffic, always keeping roads open,” said the minister in charge of the Metropolis, Chantal Rouleau.

Nearly a billion for Montreal

But the tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine is not the only site likely to cause headaches for motorists in the metropolis. The quebec minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, was on a visit to Montreal on Friday to present the road investments planned in the calendar 2019-2021 for Quebec.

There are delays on some assets. […] It has not been easy in recent years. It may be no easier in the future, but we are working to minimize impacts to the extent possible.

— François Bonnardel

The total planned investment reached more than 4.8 billion to the level of the province, roughly the same amount as in the previous years. A share of the $ 1.4 billion will be dedicated to roads and $ 1.9 billion, for the maintenance of the structures.

“It was delays on some assets. […] It has not been easy in recent years. It may be no easier in the future, but we are working to minimize the impacts as far as possible “, assured the minister Bonnardel.

The Metropolitan

For Montreal, the investments represent approximately 955 million. The imposing construction of the Turcot interchange will continue and the work should be finished in 2020. One of the Dorval interchange, which drags on for a decade, is also expected to conclude in 2020. Important work is also planned in the tunnels Ville-Marie and Viger, as well as on the pont Louis-Bisson, which spans the rivière des Prairies.

Other major projects on the horizon, including that of the Metropolitan expressway. Quebec plans to refurbish the aging infrastructure built in 1959. Waiting for the launch of this major work, the MTQ réasphaltera the Metropolitan on a stretch of six miles, in the course of the next few months, said the minister Bonnardel. The new asphalt will also be placed on the floor of the Decarie boulevard.

The minister Bonnardel claims that, despite the massive investments in roads, the government of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) will continue its efforts to encourage residents to adopt public transport. “We want to, with the REM [Network express metropolitan], getting people to change their behaviour,” he said.