3 phrases that should speak instead of “don’t worry”

3 фразы, которые стоит говорить вместо «Не переживай»

To calm the agitated person, not just advise him not to worry about the problem.

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1. “What can I do to help?”

Real help is much better than any soothing words. If a person is in trouble, try to help him.

Yes, it may happen that nothing you can do. But people will see that you are really ready to lend the shoulder and come to the rescue. Thus you will show that you can rely on in the future.

Even if you can’t help someone, he will feel safer, knowing that someone supports.

2. “I understand what you’re going through”

Remember, as you have painfully experienced because of something. In those moments you probably feel lonely.

When anything unpleasant happens, we tend to think that this could only happen with us. But in fact it is not.

If you were in a similar situation, tell the person about their experiences. He will trust you and will feel much better. Will share tips on how you managed to get through it. Let him in your example you will see that this problem is solved.

3. “It’s really a nightmare”

In spite of all your efforts and desires, you are able to help everyone. But you can just let the man gush. When there is someone who can simply listen and sympathize, — that’s good.

Can’t help neither the action nor the Council? Just admit the problem and let him talk.

So you give him to understand that before you can openly Express emotions and share experiences.

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