20 simple ways to make better any day

20 простых способов сделать лучше любой день

These actions help to distract from problems, lift your spirits and make you feel better.

Sometimes you want to escape in a break or just something to occupy free time. In such moments it is easy to succumb to temptation and pick up the phone, turn on the show or go to an online store. But it is unlikely to restore power. Blogger Trent Hamm (Trent Hamm) advises to fill the free periods of the day the simple things that somehow improve life. He performs a couple of items from the list during a work break, and on weekends does more.

1. Let’s sit outside for 5-10 minutes, without any distractions

Find a comfortable place with a good view. Bring a bottle of water or a Cup of coffee, but leave phone. Just look around and notice the little things. For example, watch a child learning to ride a bike. Or feel the warmth of sunlight on the skin. So you will feel a connection with the outside world.

2. Take a walk around the neighborhood

Walking is a great form of low — intensity exercise. It will refresh you and help you improve blood circulation. And the fresh air, sunshine and the opportunity to explore the area will charge you with energy.

3. Take a walk in the Park

It combines the benefits of a short walk in nature. Such a forest bath to soothe and improve health.

4. Drink a glass of water

Water is essential to all systems of the body. It will help to cheer up and dampen hunger.

5. Make short stretching

After it you will feel more relaxed and limber. And stretching can be combined with listening to a podcast or audiobook. Just don’t forget to warm up. Jog in place or jump up and down.

6. Get out in the car

Over time, the salon accumulate garbage: wrappers, empty bottles, packages, cheques, dirt from shoes, dust on the glass. All this allows us to feel comfortable in the car. Throw away the trash, vacuum floors, wipe the dashboard. Now get in the car will be much nicer.

7. Eat something useful

For example, fruit or vegetable. This is especially nice in the fresh air. Bring a banana or an Apple and sit on the street, as described in the first paragraph.

8. Document the day of your life

After a certain period of time, photograph surrounding objects or what you are doing. For example, every 15 minutes, half hour or hour. Then put all the pictures of the day into one folder and then add to the description. This, in itself, fascinating, in addition, you will reflect on what I spend my time. And very interesting to see these photos after a couple of months. Perfectly ordinary day will turn into a memorable event.

9. Help someone without expecting anything in return

Get a heavy bag, do something useful for neighbors or just a stranger. It doesn’t take much time, but you will feel much better.

10. Collect things that you don’t use to give them to charity

Take a big bag and put it all than you no longer use. To some, these things still can be useful. So you can free up space at home and help others.

11. Read an excerpt from the book smart

Take a book on the topic, which has long been interested in. Read a few pages a day and ponder the information. So you learn the material gradually and give ideas to settle in your head.

12. Do business that haven’t given you peace of mind

We all have a list of things we put off. For example, to fix the sink or clean the bathroom. Choose one thing and take care of him. If you do it all at once does not work, at least start. You will progress, and it will be a little easier.

13. Thank someone who helped you recently

If you did something helpful or nice, take a few minutes and Express gratitude. Write a message and sincerely thank the person. Great to know that your help is appreciated.

14. Arrange a small picnic

Turn a walk around the neighborhood in a little adventure. Bring something delicious, find a comfortable place and eat in the fresh air. Don’t take your phone to avoid distractions. Relax and enjoy the food.

15. For 5 minutes and concentrate on breathing

Close your eyes and focus on your inhalations and exhalations. If distracted by some thought, then return to the breath. This will help to cope with anxiety, give a sense of control and peace of mind. The effect is not always noticeable immediately, but in the long run works wonders.

16. Take a long shower or a soak in the tub

Usually we perform this procedure on the machine, not paying attention to the sensations. This time, don’t rush, enjoy the bath and thoroughly wash. You will become fitter and more energetic.

17. Do some simple exercises with their own weight

It is sufficient to work out for 10-15 minutes. You will be warmed up and the brain will release endorphins. Immediately after such a workout will improve mood, and over time, more and physical form.

18. Cook up something special

Most often we cook simple meals. This time spend more time to please yourself and loved ones something special. For example, before you fry the meat, soak it an hour or two in the marinade. It’s easy, but the finished dish is full of flavor. And you make sure that at home you can eat.

19. Think about something to be grateful

Think about what makes your life better. It can be anything: a loved one, a good book, your favorite chair or just Sunny weather. Think about it for a few minutes, and you will feel happier.

20. Spend 15 minutes cleaning

Throw away the garbage and spread out things in places. Even this is enough to make the house more comfortable. Not necessary to put in order the apartment as a whole. Clean up in the kitchen or workplace, and you will notice the difference. In the process you will probably find things that before you were inspired and gladdened, but then you forgot about them. Give them a second chance.

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