20 items c AliExpress to build the smart home

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

A selection of high-tech devices that will make life easier in an apartment or private home.

1. Robot vacuum Xiaomi Mijia LDS

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

This appliance can simultaneously suck up the dust and MOP the floor, rubbing the surface to a clean condition. To safely avoid obstacles, the device uses a laser navigation system and algorithms to determine location.

The robot is able to automatically create a route for cleaning, and through the app Mi Home, you can set the “forbidden zone” and configure the schedule. A single charge of the battery of the cleaner lasts for about 110 minutes.

Price: 21 741 rubles.

2. Air purifier Air Purifier Xiaomi Mi 2S

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Air cleaner c triple filter and an OLED display suitable for rooms measuring up to 37 m2. Runs quietly and accurately detects the level of air pollution. The device is able to detect the smallest particles of dust that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The display shows information about the dust content, temperature and humidity, the Wi‑Fi connection and operation. With the app, Mi Home, you can monitor the air in real time, to choose the mode of action is under the size of the room and set the schedule.

Price: 12 139 rubles.

3. Smart door lock Smart Door Lock Aqara

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Reliable system with accurate and fast fingerprint scanner, RFID sensor key card, code and mechanical locks.

The device synchronizes with other elements of the smart home and the door is unlocked may include air conditioning or kettle to deactivate the security sensors, close the curtains — scripts very much.

Every action with a lock is stored in the operation history, which indicates the time and method of opening the door. If you attempt hacking, you enter an incorrect password more than three times in a row or a bad reading of the print device sends alerts to your smartphone. Lost RFID key to lock and remove from device memory.

Also the Mi Home app will remind when you need to recharge the battery of the castle via the microUSB port.

Price: 12 584 rubles.

4. Ceiling lamp LED Bedroom Ceiling Lamp

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

This lamp can be used not only as the main light source, but also to set the right mood of the atmosphere.

By LEDs the device is able not only to provide a bright even lighting for rooms measuring more than 25 m2, but also to imitate the soft glow of the moon, change the RGB color backlight on the calm or bright, but also to adjust the light temperature in the range of 2 700-6 000 degrees Kelvin.

The lamp can communicate with other devices of Xiaomi. For example, it creates a soft illumination at night and automatically switch off when the Mi Band on the hand of the owner transfers the data of that person went to sleep. To adjust the lamp only through the mobile app, but the remote from the kit.

The housing is protected against dust and insect penetration.

Price: 6 145 rubles.

5. Analyzer air Xiaomi Mijia Cleargrass Air Detector

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Device with three-inch touch screen that displays time, weather forecast, UV index radiation and quality of air in the room.

The analyzer is synchronized with other smart home devices from Xiaomi and can manage, creating the most comfortable for the owner of climate. The gadget is equipped with a built-in battery and is charged via USB.

Price: 8 835 RUB.

6. A controller to control curtains Aqara Smart Window Motor B1

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

This device is able on command from a smartphone or scenario total smart home system to change the position of the curtains. For example, they will close the night and to open in the morning.

Using the program on the smartphone you can select the optimal position of the curtains, for example, to read. The controller operates from the internal battery, so no power outlet nearby no problem. On low battery the device will remind you with an audible signal and an alert in the app.

Price: from 10 679 rubles.

7. Smart trash Xiaomi townew T1

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Automatic jar sealing system of packages with garbage. With the help of sensors it detects the distance up to 35 cm, inside going to be, but at the maximum filling securely close the package and lifts the lid.

The box is built in LEDs which display the free space of the basket, the battery and the reminder treatment. You can also order thick bags, which can withstand heavy and sharp items.

Price: 6 753 rubles.

8. Set the smart home of Xiaomi

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Basic set, which includes a Central gateway, the sensor opening doors and Windows, motion sensor, smart socket, wireless switch, and the gadget that determines temperature and humidity in the room.

The default gateway can be used not only as a hub that unites the rest of the devices in a network, but also as a night light or a speaker for the doorbell. Using the smart socket, you can monitor the status of the connected device and to control its mode of operation from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

The wireless switch can be configured to automatically cease power supply of all electrical appliances. Motion sensors open and notify you about suspicious activity, home invasion robber or the child’s attempt to climb out the window.

Temperature sensor and humidity can be linked with air conditioning, heater and humidifier to maintain a house to maximize comfort.

Price: 6 550 rubles.

9. Cup heated Xiaomi VH Wireless

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Cup wireless charger can maintain beverage temperature at 55 °C. It is useful for Breakfast or before bed, when I want to drink warm milk, coffee or tea. In conjunction with the smart socket and switch Cup is especially convenient to use in everyday life to save time.

The platform can be used not only for heating of dishes with a drink, but charging for smartphone power up to 10 watts.

Price: 3 490 rubles.

10. Door video Xiaomi

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

This call is equipped with an infrared sensor and video recording function. If a man will long stand in front of your door at a distance up to 3 meters, the camera will record a short video and send it to your smartphone.

Call the camera uses the face detection technology, so the identity of the visitor can be identified in advance and included it in a list of friends or strangers. A video call can be associated with a column, which will play a greeting message or the name of the man, if he is already in the list of friends.

The device is also able to modify the timbre of the voice: this will help the children to speak in a low voice with the stranger through the speaker. The infrared sensor will allow you to see visitor outside the door, even in low light.

Price: 2 842 rubles.

11. Xiaomi Lamp Bedside Lamp 2

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Bedside lamp with touch control support modes-sleep and simulate dawn. It allows you to adjust the color temperature and lighting through a mobile application or a control panel provided on the housing of the lamp.

Night light is compatible not only with the technique of Xiaomi, but also with Apple devices connecting through Wi‑Fi or Bluetooth. To control the lamp from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and voice via Siri.

Price: 2 814 rubles.

12. Outlet Konlen KL‑SC1‑GSM GSMV

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

This socket is able to accept commands from the phone via the GSM network to turn on appliances and lights or open automatic garage doors are on call and SMS. There is also a built-in temperature sensor and the ability to control HVAC equipment.

Price: 2 366 rubles.

13. Smoke alarm Honeywell Xiaomi Mijia

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Useful sensor will help in time to prevent an emergency. This sensor will notify about dangerous accumulation of smoke and fire alarm, and also sends a message to a mobile app, if you have a Central gateway Xiaomi.

Price: from 2 071 ruble.

14. Xiaomi universal remote IR Universal Remote Controller

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

Universal infrared remote control for TVs, media players, air conditioners and other appliances from your smartphone. The device supports more than 6,000 brands electronics and has an extensive database of IR codes.

It can be used to enable and configure do not have Wi‑Fi modules or Bluetooth technology through a mobile application even outside the house.

Price: 1 046 rubles.

15. Touch the head of Xiaomi Induction faucet Home Water

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

A simple but useful device that turns an ordinary faucet into a touch. The sensor operates at between 10 cm and without annoying delays. If the arm is in the active area of the sensor longer than 20 seconds, the device stops the water flow.

The device also has a lateral sensor with an active area of about 5 cm, This sensor involves the flow of water for three minutes without interruption, if you raise a hand to him. To disable enough to bring the hand to the sensor again.

Nozzle helps reduce water consumption, releasing more soft jet with air bubbles, which is easier to clean your hands and dishes. A full charge battery should last about six months. If battery is discharged, the nozzle shuts off the water.

Price: 1 459 rubles.

16. Smart switch eWelink

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

This device is equipped with touch buttons under the pane of tempered glass. Through a mobile application you can set the timer of the work schedule to enable and disable lighting and electrical engineering. Through the Internet the switch can be managed from anywhere. Also, the device responds to voice commands via system Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Price: from 1 824 roubles.

17. Temperature sensor and humidity Zigbee Aquara

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

The sensor analyzes temperature, humidity and air pressure in real time. In Annex Mi Home, you can monitor the change history of the data collected. If the indicators deviate from the comfortable, the device sends a notification to your smartphone.

By itself, this sensor is not very useful, but in conjunction with air conditioning, a humidifier, a dehumidifier, a fan and other devices becomes a very important link in the maintenance of pleasant climatic conditions at home.

Price: 983 rubles.

18. Controller Aquara Cube

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

After synchronization with the Central gateway, this cube will allow you to control all smart devices Xiaomi with easy movements. Inside there is a gyroscope that determines the position of the controller in space and launches the selected script. It can be used, for example, to turn on the TV to adjust the brightness of the lamp and to control the curtains.

Price: 752 rubles.

19. Vibration sensor Aqara

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

The sensor can be installed on window, table, drawer or near a safe. The accelerometer detects suspicious vibrations and can activate a variety of scenarios to send the alert, turn on a loud signal on the column lock door locks.

Sensor you can adjust the level of sensitivity to vibrations to avoid false positives.

Price: 1 034 ruble.

20. Switch Аqara Smart Wireless Switch

20 товаров c AliExpress для создания умного дома

This wireless switch has only one button, but it can be configured to run a variety of scenarios: for example, to control lighting in the whole apartment or a separate room. For each action, you select the number and duration of button presses.

The gadget can be used to activate household appliances or as a doorbell. Also, a device suited to the role of a panic button for kids and older people that will be able to send you an alert to your smartphone or the signal to the speaker in the room.

Price: 778 rubles.

Please note! All prices are valid at time of publication selection. The stores can update the cost of goods in the course of the day.

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