19 years ago Schumacher brothers have established a unique achievement

March 31, 2001 was held in Brazil the qualification of the Grand Prix of Brazil. According to its results, the pole was won by Michael Schumacher, and the second place went to his younger brother Ralph. Thus, Schumacher became the first brothers ever to hold the first row on the starting grid.

Michael Schumacher — seven-time world champion. Such a number of titles still not obey anyone else. The German owner of a number of records of Formula 1. He retired in 2012.

His brother Ralph had been far less successful. Just for a career, he achieved six victories and 27 times he has won the podium. The best result in the seasons was two fourth places.

The sons of brothers of Schumachers are also involved in Motorsport. Son Michael, Mick, speaking in Formula 2, and son Ralph, David — in Formula 4.

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