17 main series of “Tales from the loop”, “Run” and the return of “Killing eve”

17 главных сериалов апреля: «Байки из петли», «Беги» и возвращение «Убивая Еву»

Because coronavirus has postponed several high-profile premieres, but still interesting projects will be enough. Gathered the best of them.

Premiere APR

1. Tales from the loop

Tales from the Loop

  • Fantastic.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 3 APR.

The plot of the series from Amazon will tell about the inhabitants of small town living next to the machine, created to explore the mysteries of the universe. It is called a Loop. This unit residents have access to absolutely fantastic things and participate in incredible events.

The plot of this series is based on the artbook of the artist Simon Stelenhag. In his works he combined the nostalgic landscapes of the 80-90‑ies with futuristic technology.

2. Home before dark

Home Before Dark

  • Drama, mystery.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 4 APR.

Nine-year-old Hilda with her parents and sisters moved to a small town near a lake. She dreams of becoming a great journalist. Soon Hilda began to notice that all the inhabitants behave strangely towards her father. Then the girl is taken for the investigation of the case and talks about it in the newspaper.

Surprisingly, this series is based on real events. Young Hilda Kate Lysiak is really under investigation by the Orange Street News nine years, and has even solved a murder.

3. The fugitive

The Fugitive

  • Crime, action.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 6 APR.

Driver Mike ferro unfairly accused of organizing a terrorist act. Spread the word through the media, and the hero will have to personally prove his innocence. He escapes from prison and tries to find the real culprit. But this time by Mike hunt a police officer clay Bryce.

In April launched a new streaming service Quibi, which will produce the series consisting of short episodes. “The fugitive”, based on the eponymous action movie in 1993 with Harrison Ford, will be one of the first Premier platform.

4. The most dangerous prey

Most Dangerous Game

  • Action, Thriller.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 6 APR.

Terminally ill Dodge Maynard is trying to get money for his pregnant wife. He decides to take part in a dangerous hunt. Here are just a Dodge will have to act as prey for a wealthy customer.

Another premiere from Quibi. The creation of this series is Phil Abraham, who worked on the famous “the Sopranos” and “Mad men.” But the main role will play Liam Hemsworth (brother of Chris Hemsworth) and Christoph waltz.

5. To survive


  • Adventure, Thriller, drama.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 6 APR.

The main characters — Jane and Paul — survived the crash. But now they need to get out of the snow-capped mountains, because there is no help.

This is the third major premiere from Quibi. This time the authors decided to retell the eponymous novel by Alex Morel. And the main role in the movie will play the star of “Game of thrones” Sophie Turner.

6. Run


  • Comedy, Thriller.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 12 APR.

Ruby’s life is boring and banal. And so she willingly responds to offer ex-boyfriend Billy, who became a successful guru. He says that she will go on a journey that will change her attitude to life. But it is much harder.

This series created the famous Phoebe Waller‑bridge (the author of the sensational project “Killing eve” and “Rubbish”) with long-time colleague Vicki Jones. So, spectators will have a very steep and unpredictable story with great humor.

7. Mrs. America

Mrs. America

  • Drama.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 15 APR.

This series is based on real events. The story takes place in the 70‑ies, and it is devoted to the confrontation of the lawyer Phyllis Shlafly, known for his conservative views, and supporters of the amendments to the Constitution about the equality of men and women.

In this project, in addition to relevant topics and attract even the female lead roles. The series starred cate Blanchett and Elizabeth banks.

8. Ghost in the shell: stand alone 2045

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

  • Fantasy, action.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 23 APR.

In 2045 after the General economic collapse began to develop rapidly artificial intelligence. The result started the war between humans and machines. Former cyborg police officers became mercenaries, but soon faced a new threat — the Posthuman that is vastly superior to them in strength and speed.

The sequel anime will be released on the streaming service Netflix. And one of the Directors of the new animated series was made by Kenji Kamiyama, which created a “Ghost in the shell: stand alone”.

9. Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob

  • Thriller, detective.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 24 APR.

Assistant district attorney Andy Barber investigates the murder of a teenager. And the main suspect in the case turns out to be his 14‑year-old son, Jacob. The father is trying to protect her child, but the evidence points to his guilt.

Apple TV+ continues to release its own series. The main role in the new product, based on the novel by William Landay, will play Chris Evans. And the role his son went to the young actor from “It” to Jaden Martel.

10. Fearful tales: City of angels

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

  • Horror, fantasy.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 27 APR.

The effect of the spin‑off series “penny Dreadful” is set in Los Angeles of the late 30‑ies of XX century. Two detectives investigate a complicated case and faced with a cult who worship Santa Muerte, and followers of the devil.

Interestingly, the new series will appear to many actors of the “Scary tales”, but in completely different images. And one of the main roles will be performed by the star of “Game of thrones” Natalie Dormer. She will play a demon that is constantly changing form.

11. I know it’s true

I Know This Much Is True

  • Drama.
  • USA, 2020.
  • Release date: 28 APR.

The series tells about twin brothers Dominick and Thomas, one of whom suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. The plot is described as a story of deception, loss, and forgiveness amid the America of the twentieth century. The main role in the project, based on the novel by Wally lamb, performed by mark Ruffalo, he plays both brothers.

New seasons of friends TV series

1. Siren


  • Thriller, mystery.
  • USA, 2018 — present.
  • Premiere 3 season: 2 APR.
  • IMDb: 7,0.

In the small town of Bristol Cove, located on the coast begin to happen mysterious events. Local residents are increasingly convinced that they are related to ancient myths about mermaids.

Series from channel Freeform can not boast huge budgets. But he is still happy and acting, and mix of mysticism with social drama. But because the audience is very fond of this story.

2. The man of the future

Future Man

  • Science fiction, Comedy.
  • USA, 2017-2020 year.
  • Premiere of the 3rd season: 3 APR.
  • IMDb: 7,8.

An avid gamer and a loser in life Josh Futterman suddenly learned that the heroes of his favorite game real. Together with them, he travels to the past and the future trying to fix history. But always makes things worse.

Witty hooligan project from Seth Rogen ends. Already announced that the third season will be the final.

3. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

  • Action, Comedy, fantasy.
  • USA, 2019 — present.
  • The premiere of the 2nd season: 3 APR.
  • IMDb: 8,4.

Former assistant Joker broke up with her boyfriend and decided to form their own band. Here only nobody wants to take Harley Quinn seriously. But it shows that even super villain organization “the Legion of Death.”

Dashing series from the DC Universe very much liked by the audience. It has all that lacks full-length films‑comic book: a story filled with rude jokes and grotesque violence. Surprisingly only that the second season starts just a month after the finale of the first.

4. Ducktales

Duck Tales

  • Comedy, adventure.
  • USA, 2017 — present.
  • Premiere of the 3rd season: April 4.
  • IMDb: 8,2.

Millionaire Scrooge McDuck and the Trinity of his great-nephews are constantly looking for adventure and getting into trouble. The team of heroes is growing more and more, and villains, who dream to seize the wealth of Scrooge, become more creative.

For two seasons in the new “Duck stories” managed to appear not only familiar characters from the classic series, but characters from other Disney films. And in continuation, the authors promise the audience even more guests from Daisy Duck to Chip and Dale.

5. What we do in the shadows

What We Do in the Shadows

  • Comedy.
  • USA, 2019 — present.
  • Premiere 2 season: 16 APR.
  • IMDb: 8,4.

Serial version of the famous Comedy of the Secret of Waititi “Real vampires” is dedicated to the ancient vampires who live in modern America and trying to adapt to the new time. In the second season of the series will look mark Hamill (“Star wars”) and Haley Joel Osment (“the Sixth sense”).

6. Killing Eve

Killing Eve

  • Drama, crime.
  • USA, 2018 — present.
  • Premiere of the 3rd season April 27.
  • IMDb: 8,3.

Crime series from Phoebe Waller‑bridge talks about intelligence MI5, Eva Polastri, which is mired in a rut. But she has to open the hunt for the psychopathic assassin Villanelle. Over time, their enmity grows into a real obsession.

We already know that the advance series renewed for a fourth season. So, as the third authors no doubt.

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