15 products that will help to entertain children at home

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

Interesting books, toys, puzzles and Board games.

1. The big coloring book of “the City”

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

Coloring of size 70 × 100 cm long captivate children and probably you too. The picture shows the famous buildings of the centre of Moscow: the Kremlin, the Central children’s store, Bolshoi theatre and many others. Painting them, you will spend time with the children and tell them about how the biggest city of our country. And when you’re done, you’ll be able to hang up their joint work on the wall.

“The city” printed on thick water-resistant paper and is suitable for painting with gouache, watercolors and markers. Reviews parents say their children love this coloring.

Price: 330 roubles.

2. “Why?” Catherine Ripley

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

The work of the editor of canadian children’s magazine chickaDEE not only entertain baby, but also tells him many interesting things about everything. For example, the book will answer questions about why we yawn, why do we cry when we cut onions and how often we have dreams. “Why?” written in easy and understandable language, so it is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years. Plus, books — cute hand drawn illustrations on each page.

Price: 712 rubles.

3. Machine‑acrobats on the radio

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

Unusual machine, which is able to travel sideways, spin in place and dance. While driving the toy up and down each axis and highlights the wheels. Additionally, you can include music and different unusual sounds. Plus models — powerful shock absorbers, which helps the machine without damage to jump even high obstacles.

The toy is controlled remotely using the remote with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Machine works on battery is charged via a USB cable, and two AA batteries.

Price: 3 919 rubles.

4. Maze‑ball “100 barriers”

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

The maze inside the ball like children, who do not like simple tasks. In this puzzle the player needs to hold the ball on a long route, passing in different planes. This process not only takes the child, but also develops logical reasoning, concentration and spatial thinking.

The maze is made of high quality plastic, the diameter of the ball — 19 cm Manufacturer says that the puzzle will suit children from four years.

Price: 855 roubles.

5. “How to run”, Shane Birley

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

Idols of many children today it is a well-known bloggers from YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. And no wonder, wanting to be like them, they also begin to shoot video. However, without training and special knowledge to create a good video that will look unlikely.

In the book “How to run” the child will find all necessary knowledge: how to search for ideas, set up the equipment, prepare the subjects, to expose the background and light, videos, and more. It is written by a Western author, but adapted to Russian readers: in text inserted references to Russian bloggers and selected the programs that they use.

The book is a small encyclopedia, so it can be read as the beginning to the end and choosing just the right pieces.

Price: 572 roubles.

6. Wooden designer from Robotime

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

Robotime is a company that produces an interesting wooden construction sets with a lot of moving parts. For example, a seller on AliExpress offers a model of a windmill, sawmill, Elevator and tower, on which ride ball.

Each set consists of 238 parts, which are joined together without glue, using wooden sticks, insert it into the grooves. The constructor is suitable for children from 8 years, but the seller says that it can be assembled and those who are younger. In reviews customers say that years bought from Robotime DIY for themselves and their children.

Plus product — fast shipping system of AliExpress Plus. Her orders are brought to the big cities for 2-7 days.

Price: 2 818 rubles.

7. Projection game of “Catch star”

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

“Catch a falling star” is an unusual game set, consisting of a projector in the form of a Crescent and a magic wand. The essence of the game as follows: the device displays on the walls and ceiling of stars, and the child is supposed to catch them with a stick. After capture each increasing level of the player, and the wand changes color. You can choose one of two speeds of the stars.

A games set from three AA and three mizinchikov batteries. Bonus item — the ability to use it as a normal night light the free games time.

Price: 1 929 rubles.

8. Puzzle “rush Hour”

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

“Rush hour” is a simple, but interesting puzzle game in which you need to help the ice cream truck to pass through the tube. To free the way for him, the player will move the cars back or forward. The set includes a playing field, a set of cars, 40 cards with the traffic situations of different complexity, instruction in Russian language and a handy pouch for storage. “Rush hour” is suitable for children from five years.

Price: 1 692 ruble.

9. “Just about the important. About Mike and Gosha”, Natalya Remix

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

The book from the author of the cartoon “Just important” will help to talk to children about difficult topics through interesting stories. The story is on the faces of the boys, Misha, Gosha, which, communicating with family members and getting into different situations, learn about the complicated world around them. The book presents themes of friendship, kindness, responsibility, love, and many others. “Just about the important” written in simple language, it can be read to children from two years.

Price: 663 rubles.

10. Set to create neon pictures “Space adventure”

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

The kit will allow the child to draw lots of colourful pictures that can beautify your room. The kit includes the album on 36 sheets, five labels with space heroes and three bilateral neon marker. Plus set box with a magnetic clasp, which is convenient to store pictures or take them with you.

Price: 1 490 rubles.

11. A Board game called “IQ‑Satellite Genius”

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

One of the most popular Board games‑puzzles on Ozon — more than 1 500 reviews. In the “Satellite Genius” should be put on the Board 2D and 3D shapes of the balls on the instructions from the cards with the tasks. As noted by the buyers in the reviews, the simple gameplay is very addictive for both children and adults.

Price: 736 rubles.

12. Interactive robodog

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

Doggy‑robot will be a great entertainment for a child. The toy can sing, dance, roll on the table, and even to guard the room from intruders. To control robocom is remote, but the device can act autonomously, focusing in space using sensors. The size of the dog — 12,5 × 16 cm, weight 705 g. the testimonials of satisfied parents say that their children really like this unusual one.

Price: 3 990 rubles.

13. Lego “Rocket”

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

Lego classic version of the constructor that will take a long time of the child and help to develop imagination, fine motor skills and perseverance. This set includes figurines of astronauts, remote control start, a small railroad and body of large missiles. The manufacturer says that it is suitable for children from seven years, but, as a rule, these constructors can be played before.

Price: 4 999 rubles.

14. Molecul

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

Molemab is a variation of the normal Rubik’s cube, but with the faces of the balls. According to the rules of this puzzle on one side need to collect more than one color, and nine different. The toy is made of high quality plastic and easy turns, nice snapping at any movement. In reviews customers note that this puzzle is to give each child.

Price: 1 049 rubles.

15. “Tilda An Apple Seed. Where the hell is Rupert?”, Andreas Smaht

15 товаров, которые помогут развлечь детей дома

The book tells a funny detective story about the mouse Tilde, who lost his friend the hedgehog Rupert and went to look for him. A work adapted for the first independent reading in that it uses familiar children words, simple sentences and great illustrations. Also the story is divided into short chapters so as not to tire the child. At the end of each Chapter there is a block with small tasks to test reading comprehension. The book is designed for children from five to seven years.

Price: 358 roubles.

Please note! All prices are valid at time of publication selection. The stores can update the cost of goods in the course of the day.

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