15 figures on the cells, which will help to cope with stress

15 рисунков по клеточкам, которые помогут справиться со стрессом

They gladly repeat both children and adults.

Why create drawings on the cell

First, it is simple. Cells on paper serve as a guideline for the outline of the figure. To represent something, you need only fill in the right. Secondly, it’s interesting. Drawing is always a creative process. But such figures, even for those who do not have special skills.

In addition, the coloring helps to improve mood, overcome stress and reduce anxiety Randomized Controlled Trial of Therapeutic Adult Coloring for the Management of Significant Anxiety in the Emergency Department , as creativity and creating something with your own hands provides The neurological basis of occupation on the brain effects similar to the effect of meditation.

You need

Materials and tools for such creativity there, perhaps, in any home. The main thing — the notebook sheet in the box. Plain paper will not work, otherwise you will lose the whole point of these drawings.

Drawing also need a pen or pencil. If you want to paint pictures, take colored markers or pencils. But if you do not, you can use a pencil, adjusting the pressure and shade.

How to draw the cells

To do this, simply to repeat, that is, to copy ready image with your picture or video. For convenience, you can first mention points, ticks or crosses to the cells that need paint, and then — if desired — go for clarity.

When nabete hand, you can try to come up with the images yourself. In all the video below, the author makes drawings from scratch: marks desired cells, encircles all the contours and adds color. Therefore, the process at first it seems complicated but only at first glance.

Choose the method that’s easiest for you: srisovyvanie an image or follow the author from the beginning.

That can be drawn on the cell

A lot of options. Here are just a few of them.


To draw it, you want to identify the contours and paint the whole space inside. You can also leave a few white cells — so the ball will look bigger.


By the same analogy you can draw a heart. This figure is completely symmetrical, except for the bright cells.


Inside this smile, too, have empty space smile. But, unlike the previous, it is part of the picture, so you need to do for him circuit.


In some drawings between the main contours of the cells are painted multiple colors like the cherries in the video below. If you are afraid to make a mistake, draw first the desired cells, or mark them with color.


In this figure, just visible to indicate the contours of the cells, which the author has painted over gray.


Another symmetrical pattern, symmetrical eyes. This image is desirable to impart color to the penguin was recognizable because of its color.


This image is quite simple. It is possible to make only the contours depict eyes and mouth. And you can repeat it with the author and adding colored spots.


This cat is also easy to copy. Almost the entire figure is symmetrical, except for the tail on the right. Optionally, you can add color.

Mickey Mouse

For the famous mouse coloured felt-tip pens and pencils will be required. The figure is exactly the same.


This drawing is more complicated, since it has no symmetry.


It’s the same with this image. It is better to paint — so the picture will look much better.


The figure bears also will look more interesting if you make it in color.


Almost all the outlines of this drawing are straight, so draw them is not difficult. Feature of owl is in the color. To avoid confusion, it is worth to outline the boundaries of cells who will need to add color.


She is also recognizable thanks to the color. The pattern is not symmetrical as it might seem at first glance, so be careful when drawing contours.


It need red and blue markers or crayons, since these colors made superhero costume.

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