10 ways to spend your productively quarantine

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно

If you to quarantine work from home, you save at least a few hours a day on the road. Tell how to spend this time with benefit and to maintain good relations with loved ones.

1. To create a working environment

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


Many companies allow you to work remotely so as not to put employees at risk. While the schools are closed, many universities do too, and your family require attention. In such circumstances, working hard: always someone distracting the children are bored, adults too want to communicate. But even those who have a private room or even the flat hard to switch and not to switch attention to extraneous things. How to be?

  • Before beginning work, change into “office”. Or at least change your favourite pyjamas to sweater and jeans. It helps to tune.
  • Clearly define working hours. If you don’t have to be all the time connected and not tied to strict deadlines, divide the time as you wish, but be sure to stick to the schedule. For example, if you “owl”, then get to work in 12-13, closer to 16 take a break, and then the second 4‑hour block of work. You can still work a few hours in the morning while home has not risen, break for Breakfast, and then set aside a few hours in the middle of the day for important tasks and finish in the evening when everyone is asleep or busy with their own Affairs.
  • In the morning or late in the day make a list of new tasks. Specify the priority and time to spend on each of them. Do not load more than conventional 8 hours.
  • Try to keep familiar rituals: for example, talk on the phone, Skype or Zoom with colleagues on a daily coffee, you can order a business lunch from a favorite cafe where there is a delivery.
  • Explain to everyone that you are working and not just sitting at home. Hang on the door schedule their breaks and let me distract myself only at this time.
  • Think of something to occupy the kids (no need to punish them for what they want to play with you). Except for cartoons and online games, there are more useful options — for example, audiobooks.

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2. To improve the space around them

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


In the house there’s always something demanding your attention, but you have no time for this. For example, the baseboard away from the wall, on the hob was left fat droplets, blind lopsided. It’s time to fix it.

To do more, you can use one of three approaches:

  • Make a list of shortcomings. Write each thing on the sticker and to determine how many jobs per day you will perform. Stickers with completed cases attach in a prominent place.
  • Each day set aside 15 minutes to complete a task. Do not have time? Will finish next time, and if there’s time, I’ll start something else.
  • They saw the problem — solve it once: not so long have to scour the hob. Can’t do it right now — write a reminder in your phone.

3. To restore order

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


Say goodbye to the things that are in bad condition. With the fact that you are at least a year and were not picked up and what is a “rainy day for garden on Saturday”.

What to do with it? Place the photos on boards of free announcements — let things take those who could use them. If it’s a good clothes that you are wearing, you can give it to friends or even sell. Old bedding, blankets and plaids will take the animal shelters. Household utensils and furniture — young families or students from hostels. If things are heavy, overall, you can write the Declaration in his and other entrances so they’ll take.

4. To gain new knowledge

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


Dozens of universities and educational platforms posted educational materials to open access. Use this time to improve your skills and to educate ourselves. It is now clear that in the labour market, a huge change. Those who used to drift and hold a warm place, may be irrelevant.

What you should do?

  • Browse the websites of online schools and universities that were targeted at the representatives of your profession. See what courses are available for free and which have good discounts.
  • Visit the portal of the Ministry of communications. Collected here are links to relevant services that will help to improve the skills, to adapt to life in the digital world or to help children with their studies.
  • Consider changing the type of activity. Perhaps you have wanted to go to IT, to do marketing, be a freelance author online publication or screenwriter of YouTube videos. These occupations will be in demand, so now is the time to look at them closely and get basic knowledge.

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5. To recall a forgotten hobby

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


Often want to try something new, but then no, the moods, the fuse ran out. As a result, in the closet regularly appear but are not used paints and brushes, puzzle 100,500 fragments, needles and knitting kits burning and other such things.

Think about what you now would please? In quarantine, certainly not worth it to go to the store for new “medications from idleness”. But you have the opportunity to finally realize a little dream from the past.

6. To pump your body

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


Work from home and don’t get up from my chair all day? Should regularly take breaks and stretch: at work you at least to the water cooler went or moved around the building.

The easiest way an alarm clock or kitchen timer. Most importantly, do not try to “negotiate” or to rearrange for another time. To warm up enough 10-20 squats, a minute or more plank burpee — even in a tracksuit to change don’t have to! Alternate types of activity to not be bored.

Another option is to start the day with charging. Even better to include in your schedule a workout for 25 minutes more. On YouTube a lot of them, try a new one each day until you find something that you do not want to leave after the first five minutes.

7. Slow down and listen to yourself

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


In the daily rush, few can afford to retire, to be distracted from the urgent cases, to reflect on personal, not professional purposes. It may be worthwhile to start keeping a diary? Or make a list of long term goals and include even what you thought too small?

You can start the day with “morning pages”. This writing practice which helps to understand yourself. The point is simple: every day in the morning need 3-5 minutes to write whatever comes into my head. Pen and paper or in a file on the smartphone is not important, the most important thing is not to stop. You will be surprised how helpful talking to yourself!

Think about meditation. This is a good way to learn to listen to yourself, get rid of the bad thoughts, to get a boost of energy. It helps to take a different attitude to different events in life. And even forced isolation in quarantine to be perceived as a source of opportunities.

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8. To do a personal budget

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


It’s time to review the budget and understand that you are wasting money. Expenses worth writing down — on a piece of paper or in the appendices. What else will help?

  • Make days without spending several times a week. This allows you to more consciously plan expenses and not be distracted by another coffee with him.
  • Put financial goal and a date by which you will achieve it. Get a piggy Bank for this purpose and replenish it regularly. You can start small with a new smartphone or a pair of jeans dreams. Keep track of how you are moving towards and time to deadline.
  • Make a special card for everyday spending. Put on her a fixed amount every week, and if you went beyond the limit, by all means try to make do with existing funds. If at the end of the week the map is something left, spend the money on something nice and useful, but for yourself — you deserve it.

9. Make useful habits

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


All day the house can last a very long time. Good habits will help you to structure your routine and live more productively. Even allocating 15 minutes on something every day will make tremendous progress.

You can do finger yoga, basic stretching or self-massage of the neck, to develop a drinking mode, learn to play the harmonica, take a photo that will remind you about the happiest moment of the day. But you can still do household chores on the go: from hanging wet clothes, wipe the dust, water the flowers in between work.

Often breaks into snacking. Eat sandwiches and cucumbers or radishes, replace the fifth Cup of coffee, a smoothie and cake for tea on an Apple.

10. Learn to relax and enjoy

10 способов провести карантин продуктивно


Yes, forced isolation — this is another opportunity to make life rich, to see more, to relax and understand that the most important thing in the world — your health and that of your loved ones. And the comfort and joy of spending the days together.

At first, to sit at home the whole day can be difficult, and changing the usual routine — the stress, anyway. But if you learn how to laugh at himself, good‑naturedly make fun together and to hear something funny, it is easier to survive.

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