10 habits in social networks, which need to get to 30 years

10 привычек в соцсетях, от которых нужно избавиться к 30 годам

Drunken pictures, golopopyh children and stupid hashtags — all long time to forget.

In which network no go, age is seen not only by date of birth in the profile, but also on the behavior of the owner. Some habits are worth keeping beyond the threshold of her thirtieth birthday.

1. To complain about the work

The Facebook page ceased to be a private space where you can write whatever your heart desires. Even to complain about work, boss, or clients will not succeed. Of course, if you don’t want to get you fired, as happened As ruin the career of one post on the social network with American Connor Riley. She said on Twitter that he hates new job, but willing to endure it for “a fat salary”. Or with a Russian stewardess of “Aeroflot” has fired another employee for inappropriate behavior in social networks , posted a photo where she quietly shows his middle finger to the full cabin of passengers.

Just whether such dismissal is debatable. But the fact remains: your employers — current and potential — certainly browsing social media sites. And complaints of this nature they are unlikely to enjoy.

2. To demonstrate love for alcohol

Photo in an embrace with a bottle of vodka already brought the Judge fired for the scandalous photo, is going to get even with offenders judge from Ulan-Ude to dismissal. Chiefs, partners, colleagues and clients are the posts saying that the author is not a very serious person and reliable.

But it is not only at risk of losing their jobs or money. Even friends, if they are over 18 years of age are normally already interested to see the photos from drunken parties. Show that you know how to entertain, and in other ways.

3. To brag about material things

Especially if you do it all the time. No one likes to endlessly look at packages of brand stores, the logo on the steering wheel of an expensive car, new shoes, a watch or a business class. First, it’s boring. Second, serious for an adult who has other achievements, except for shopping. Thirdly, unbridled consumption is not in Vogue. Such posts cause envy and resentment.

And demonstration of other gadgets, machinery and decorations are very like the robbers and the crooks who look for their victims in social networks.

4. To pursue the former

If Light like the Bob of the parallel class is of course a tragedy. But in 30 years you need to understand that the former partner has their own life.

Shadowing, negative comments and complaints smack of obsession and look both pathetic and frightening. Besides, such behavior destroys the life of the Stalker: while the man chases ex-love and watching her every move, he can’t get past it and start to build the future. If the life of the ex-partner gives you peace of mind, you may want to go to a therapist.

5. Disguise nickname

The Facebook page is your virtual face. See his colleagues, friends, teachers, and educators of your child. The alias will cause them to have confusion or smile, but at the same time demonstrate immaturity.

Don’t forget: you can find potential clients, partners and employers. Putting the page name, you deprive them of this opportunity.

Of course, there are situations when a person is not looking for anyone, doesn’t want to be found, and prefers complete anonymity. Then, of course, the nickname is quite appropriate.

6. To send game invites

No one wants to harvest on your farm, do not even offer. If you have already send the invitation, do not repeat the mistake, do not exasperate your friends. Sometimes this information is sent automatically, so look in settings.

7. Without notice to add friends in chat rooms, and groups

That’s just rude. Of course, many people want to gather as many people as possible in communities and chat rooms, especially if it’s important for earnings. But before you add someone, be sure to write him a message, tell us where and why you invite him and ask if he is interested. Not everyone wants to see unnecessary group or endlessly to get notifications from a strange chat.

8. Constantly change the status and avatar

It’s fun for teenagers or those who just discovered social media. You’re not one of them?

9. To abuse hashtags

Hashtags need to facilitate a search and nothing more. Therefore, they are crammed with messages and posts only cause irritation. By thirty, you already know how to highlight important and can be limited to a few relevant labels.

10. Spread hundreds of baby pictures

On the one hand, the child is an important part of parenthood, which I’d like to share. On the other, other people’s children are usually interesting only to close relatives and friends, and the rest of the posts with their photos evoke a variety of emotions, from indifference to irritation.

But the desire not to annoy the subscribers is only one of the arguments in favor of to refrain from the abundance of baby photos. A small child cannot give full consent to publish their pictures.

Reaching adolescence, he is probably not going to be happy that the Network has pictures of him with a naked ass or a face smeared mess.

Besides, we never know who looks at the open page. Among the guests can be quite aggressive, mentally ill people, pedophiles who do not necessarily see pictures of our kids. Remember the scandal banned YouTube video comments with children because of the activity of pedophiles that erupted on YouTube, when pedophiles have left thousands of comments under the harmless children’s video.

A compromise would be to put child posts in a closed page, or with such privacy settings, so they are available only to her closest.

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