10 cool sex toys for men

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

Make your sexual life a little new.

Male sex toys today are not considered to be something shameful: they help to diversify sexual life or brighten moments of solitude. Read a selection of things that will help to add flavor to the usual methods of entertainment and leisure.

Cock rings

Cock ring worn at the base of the penis or the scrotum. It constricts the veins, preventing outflow of blood from the penis. It prolongs sexual intercourse and helps important body to maintain vitality. Also the miracle ring can be useful when weak erection or premature ejaculation. And yet, this erotic toy is the source of a bright new sensations.

The main thing — do not break the recommendations on the use of the ring. Don’t wear it more than 20 minutes, wash before and after use, do not suffer pain, if they arise. Also, do not use the ring if you have problems with blood circulation.

1. Silicone ring

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

Original ring in the shape of a car tyre will give a lot of pleasant moments. Made of silicone, so a good idea is stretched and can be easily removed. Diameter — 2 cm

Price: 390 roubles.

2. Ring with vibration

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

Technological rubber ring, which additionally stimulates the erogenous zones with a vibration. You can choose one of five speeds. Diameter of toy — 2.5 cm weight-pills for 35 minutes.

Price: 1 990 rubles.

3. Steel ring

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

Metal ring, unlike rubber or silicone model, fits over the penis in its flaccid STA condition. The toy is more suitable for experienced people because it’s harder to remove if something goes wrong. Diameter — 4.5 cm

Price: 1 332 rubles.

Anal stimulators

Male point P is a powerful erogenous zone, which is responsible for ejaculation. Her massage and stimulation will bring not only health benefits but also a lot of fun. The problem is that to do this yourself without special devices it is difficult and awkward. In this case, come to the aid of a butt plug with vibration or special stimulants prostate.

But it is worth remembering that the procedure itself can be traumatic and painful. It is impossible to carry out if you have stones in the prostate or anal fissure. To find out exactly suits you a stimpack, consult your doctor. And don’t forget to use the massager in accordance with the instructions, oiling it with lube.

1. Butt plug with vibration

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

This is the perfect toy for exploring with the family of stimulants point P. the tube a tapered end to facilitate its entry into the anus. A big plus of the product is the powerful vibration, the speed of which can be controlled using the remote control. This will help you to choose the mode that you like it.

Price: 4 370 rubles.

2. Rubber prostate stimulator

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

A great toy with a comfortable handle will help to stimulate and massage the point P. the curved Stimulator is specially made to the directional impact on the prostate. Narrow streamlined tip eases insertion of the massager.

Price: 980 roubles.


Different models will help you to feel vaginal, oral or anal penetration. And the most technologically advanced version and still have the functions of heating, voice tracking and rotation. All this will help to diversify the usual process.

1. The Tenga Egg

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

Small plastic toy that will take a lot of pleasure. The inside of the masturbator is covered with a relief pattern, in order to better stimulate the penis. The goods are considered disposable, but if you use them together with a water-based lubricant, then extend service life.

Price: 590 roubles.

2. Masturbator with vibration and heating

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

A fancy toy that does all the work for you. The masturbator 70 modes of vibration and heated to 40 °C. is Controlled intuitively via a button on the case. A single charge lasts for hours of continuous operation.

Price: 4 590 rubles.

3. Masturbator with rotation and vocal accompaniment

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

Clever toy not only vibrates but massages and the main body with a rotating soft brushes. Also in the process masturbator makes exciting sounds. As a gift, the seller puts a set of cock rings.

Price: 7 290 rubles.


Automatic or vacuum pump might not be as much sex as means of maintaining member’s in good shape. The device operates as follows: the penis is inserted into the flask, and the air is pumped out. Inside appears a negative pressure area causing strong artificial erection. Also a member of the temporary increases in size, and its sensitivity increases.

The main thing — to use pump with caution and follow instructions. For example, you cannot use the device for too long this can lead to numbness, reduced sensitivity and unpleasant sensations. Still, it is worth remembering that the excessive sessions with a pump can lead to a weakening of erection.

1. Vacuum pump

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

Easy vacuum pump is suitable for those who just want to get acquainted with this form of toys, exercise equipment. Simply place your penis inside, pump out the air, hitting the punching bag, and enjoy the result. Bulb diameter is 5.3 cm

Price: 1 674 ruble.

2. Automatic bilge pump

10 классных секс-игрушек для мужчин

Advanced toy that will do everything for you. The pump has three modes of pumping air, which can be alternated to achieve more visible results. Plus product — push-button control. It will help you relax in the process. Hole diameter — 6.5 cm.

Price: 3 660 rubles.

Please note! All prices are valid at time of publication selection. The stores can update the cost of goods in the course of the day.

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