Up-to-date duels

The last “bonspiel” of curling presented in Quebec, the Saguenay Super Cashpiel club Kénogami attracts part of the provincial elite in Saguenay. Presented until Sunday, the 48th edition of the curling tournament has already given rise to beautiful clashes.
On the other hand, the experience had the best of youth on Monday night, while in the opening match, the team of Yannick Martel (Kénogami), the reigning champion of the 2018 edition, won the duel against Raphaël Patry (Kénogami), who recently represented Quebec at the U18 Canadian Championships. Martel had to work hard because he won the game on the last stone.

Similarly, Serge Reid (Kénogami / Riverbend), who also competed at the Senior Canadian Championships, won his match against Jany Tanguay (Kénogami). Sarto Hébert (Kénogami) was quick against Serge Bouchard (Riverbend), while Michel Roy (Kénogami / Riverbend) was defeated by Joël Gagné (Riverbend).

Starting on Thursday, the teams from outside are entering the scene, so that the first games will be played starting at 17:45.