Transcend the test by songs

Her name is Hanorah, the same name as the adoptive mother of her father, drummer in a rock band. In his house there was music, a lot of music. Soul, rock, funk, blues, pop, jazz and many other things that have fueled his imagination. We see a little bit of it on his new EP titled For the Good Guys and the Bad Guys, created with guitarist Paul De Rita, bassist Alexandre Lapointe, keyboardist Daniel Thouin and drummer Maxime Bellavance.
“I’ve already released records for myself, but the real beginning is with this one. I waited to find my band to carry out this project and among the 20 or 25 songs that were made, I kept five, the ones that best reflect where I am. There are several musical genres, the link being provided by the blues, “said the young woman, during a telephone interview with The Daily.

The voice is elegant; measured effects. It is easy to succumb to the charm of melodies, often catchy. Behind the music, however, are painful experiences, beginning with a sexual assault that Hanorah was targeted in 2012. Since then, many stages have marked its return to a form of serenity. One of them was his participation in the fifth season of the show La Voix.

“It was a way of establishing contact with the Quebec public, as well as people from the Dare To Care label, who produced the EP. It also allowed me to test psychological tools to help me cope with my anxiety. In this respect, it was a positive experience, “reports the singer. The passage of time has also changed the way it looks at aggression, how it is approached.

“The first compositions were full of bitterness. I was angry. Then, there was an evolution that resulted from the fact I found help, while making new friends, “says Hanorah. On the EP, two pieces evoke this test, Clementine and Going Down. They were carefully calibrated, the author not wishing to marry the tone of the preacher to deliver his message.

“We have to find joy in life, without masking the difficult episodes we have to go through. I also take the opportunity to remind people that this is not right, what happens to their sister, their mother or their daughter. Sexual assault is no longer isolated, “says the singer, who also wanted the music to stand alone.

In a similar vein, Saturn Return is aimed at a friend who has gone through a bad patch. “It’s a room where I offer support, the one I prefer to vocal,” reveals Hanorah. In this regard, she points out the contribution of the legendary Alan Prater. He helped her prepare the recording sessions and advised her not to overdo it. Their meeting was too short for her taste, but as she will perform at the Quebec City Summer Festival on the same day as The Brooks on July 7, they may be singing together.

At the Café Summum

In the meantime, she will participate in the Saguenay Jazz and Blues Festival on April 26, at 9 pm, during an incursion at Bistro Café Summum in Chicoutimi. Supported by four musicians, the Montrealer will revisit the new EP, while offering some titles that will be released later. Sign of its eclecticism, one of these compositions has rock accents, while another is much softer.

“Too often, when I listen to other people’s albums, I feel that there is no difference between tunes. I find it repetitive, Hanorah observes. Inside my repertoire, however, I tend to go to extreme corners. I want it to be colorful, instead of doing the same song, over and over. “

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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