The vision of a living environment

TROIS-RIVIÈRES – Strategic product design firm Novo is making a comeback in downtown Trois-Rivieres. Not only is its president Alexis Bilodeau pleased with the building he has acquired on rue Royale, with all his modern furnishings, but he is more satisfied with being able to contribute to the creation of a living environment.
“What makes me most proud is not the building, it’s the brains that are installed inside. We can have a career in technology here in Trois-Rivieres, “said the one who advocates work-life integration for his 45 employees. According to him, the new offices foster human contact and collaboration between its workforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners.

By offering strategy, design and engineering services to physical and digital products, Novo helps companies develop innovative solutions, increase the quality of their products and accelerate their marketing. In addition, Novo provides its medical customers with extensive experience in designing products that meet regulatory requirements in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

“We founded Novo about ten years ago with the intention of building a healthier and more sensible tomorrow. Since then, we have helped companies working in different sectors to realize their vision. Our new offices give us the space we need to serve more customers and hire more employees to support technological breakthroughs, “says Bilodeau.

His business provides strategic consulting, industrial design, user experience design, electronic and mechanical engineering, and embedded software and application development for his medical, transportation, consumer and cleantech customers. . The completion of some projects can be found on the new site

If Councilor Denis Roy spoke of a pivotal moment for the city center, with this development in “one of the strategic corners”, the General Manager of Innovation and Economic Development Trois-Rivieres, Mario De Tilly, has remembered the whole concept of the Innovative Entrepreneurial Open District.

“I fell in love at first sight,” said Alexis Bilodeau in relation to this vision. “If we can inspire ten companies to settle there, they will inspire 100,” concludes the president of “Maison Novo downtown Trois-Rivieres.”

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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