The Patro in support of La Fabuleuse

While there was talk for a while that the comedians of La Fabuleuse no longer take care of the reception, many times award-winning cruise passengers at The Bay, internal discussions have rather allowed their return. But they will receive support, while a team of Patro de Jonquiere will be present for twenty ships out of 59 in the 2019 season.
In an interview published on February 1 in me, the promotion general manager of Saguenay, Patrick Berube, had hinted that cruise passengers would no longer benefit from an important deployment as was the case previously with the presence of La fabulous.

This was subsequently confirmed by the President of the Borough Council of La Baie, Eric Simard, in a public session.

However, Promotion Saguenay announced in a statement late in the day on Tuesday that the Patro de Jonquière team was joining La Fabuleuse to share the reception of cruise passengers at La Baie.

Contacted Tuesday, Eric Simard reiterated again that the cut was indeed made in the past, while the budget of the economic development agency had been cut by $ 3 million. “With the arrival of Phil Desgagné (President of Diffusion Saguenay), he said it was important that they be there. It had been cut and it is Phil Desgagné, who is on the board, who pushed the case and who said it was necessary that La Fabuleuse be there. In the end, it is a part of the budget that has been given, because they will not always be there, “he said.

In a subsequent call, he mentioned that the troupe of volunteer comedians would be there with a reduced schedule. “They will be there 20 times. But it will start just in the fall, “he said after speaking to Isabelle Gagnon, Executive Director of Diffusion Saguenay.

The group The Fools of the King will also be asked several times.


On the eve of his first appearance on the Bagotville wharf, Patro de Jonquière’s general manager, Yannick Gagnon, was very nervous. “This is an important moment for our organization. We come in complementarity to La Fabuleuse. (…) We are here tomorrow. My gang is feverish. It’s a super nice mark of recognition, “he said in the evening. It is through its initiative, the Patro Zone, which deals in particular event animation, that about fifteen instructors and animators will take care of the reception of 25 ships this summer. The theme will revolve around the coureurs des bois and the sugar shack, with costumes belonging to the Patro. Yannick Gagnon says he does not care about English, because those who have been chosen to be in the foreground will be comfortable with Shakespeare’s language.

A first ship Wednesday

Cruise season will be launched Wednesday morning while Saguenay will welcome its first ship. This is the MS Fram, the Norwegian company Hurtigruten that stands out for its fleet of environmentally friendly shipping, says the release of Promotion Saguenay. This will be his first stop in the region. The ship has 318 passengers and 75 crew members and will be back on Friday.

This stop will be the first of 59 this year. During the season, eight ships will land for the first time in Saguenay, including the Mein Schiff. This very large German ship will mark an important moment of the season, as will the return with two confirmed stops of the Queen Mary 2 in Saguenay in September and October 2019.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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