The jogger attacked by dogs makes thanks

The jogger violently attacked by dogs, in Potton at the end of March, takes better. Dominique Alain is “on the road to recovery,” says his family in a message posted on the website of the municipality.
M me Alain and his family took the opportunity to express their deep gratitude and appreciation for the continued support shown by the community towards it.

“The family would especially like to thank the first responders for their efforts during their intervention with Dominique,” reads.

“She also wishes to thank the doctors, nurses and staff of the Sherbrooke University Hospital Center (Hôpital Fleurimont) for their tireless work and the greatness of their efforts, thus ensuring Dominique’s well-being and healing. ”

Remember that Dominique Alain was the victim of a dog attack on the way from the airport to Potton on March 29th.

The injuries inflicted on the jogger are so serious that her family plans to renovate her home. A fundraising campaign on the website has been launched. The goal was to raise $ 50,000 to help the family. They are at $ 20,300.

Family members want the public to respect their privacy, they finish.

The three animals were evaluated by the Estrie Humane Society two days after the wild attack. Potton City Council members ordered the euthanasia of the three dogs, which belonged to Allen Barnes, a citizen of the border municipality. A veterinary clinic in Sherbrooke did the work.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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