The girl found in critical condition makes the soul

Sadness and misunderstanding could be seen on the faces of citizens and neighbors who gathered together following the announcement of the death of the seven-year-old girl on Tuesday. Flowers, stuffed animals and a message were left on the grounds of the house where the little girl had been found the day before in critical condition.
“She’s a super bright, super smart girl. It’s a small ray of sunshine. It is not credible. Why hurt a child like this? “, Dropped the co-owner of the residence he rented to the couple where the girl was found in a serious and emaciated condition Monday.

The girl was hospitalized and was in critical condition. His death was finally announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The co-owner of the residence where the drama took place joined other citizens of the neighborhood who came to collect themselves on the spot, in a spontaneous gesture, Tuesday evening. Soft toys and flowers were lodged, including a little girl who attended the same school as the young victim.

“My daughter did a drawing and we put a doggie,” said his mother. “When she came home, she was crying. She emptied her heart, “says the little girl’s father.

A boy from a neighboring municipality even made his way to Granby with his parents to drop teddy bears. Affected by the tragedy, citizens also wrote or called me to express their sadness or frustration.

“I have pain in my heart and my heart,” says a woman. I do not even dare to think what this little child has endured. I am, I have been and will be long moved by the death of this girl who deserved so much to be loved. I offer all my love to this girl who has gone unfairly too fast. ”


The child’s father and mother-in-law both appeared at the Granby courthouse on Tuesday. A publication ban precludes the media from disclosing their identity in order to protect the identity of the young victim.

The couple was arrested by the Sûreté du Québec’s Crime Against the Person Investigation Department, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, at the end of their interrogation.

The 30-year-old man faces a charge of kidnapping, while the woman, aged 35, faces a charge of kidnapping and another of aggravated assaults against the girl. The alleged offenses occurred on April 29. Other charges may be added following the announcement of the girl’s death.

Crown Attorney Laurence Bélanger objected to their release. Both remain detained until their release investigation, which could be scheduled for Thursday. “The investigation is still ongoing,” said Belanger when he left the courtroom.

The girl’s father and mother-in-law, both of whom have a criminal background, also had records in the Youth Court. They did not speak in court when they appeared.

The mother-in-law was convicted of assault with a weapon in 2018 and was granted a conditional discharge. In this case, she was represented Tuesday by Rachel Bernatchez.

The father, for his part, was found guilty of stealing and making false evidence in court in 2011. For these crimes, he had to do community work and respect probation. He was also charged with two breaches of condition later, offenses for which he had to pay a fine and do community work.

Judge Julie Beauchesne, of the Court of Quebec, forbade them to communicate with their children. The father has at least two children, including the victim, and his wife a third.

Crisis cell at the school board

The girl, who had been taken out of school a few weeks ago, was attending an establishment of the Val-des-Cerfs School Board (CSVDC). It deployed a crisis cell on Tuesday.

“For our employees, we have the employee assistance program in place. We have a confidential line and at the end of this line, there are psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists who can help employees, “says Alexandra Langlois, communications coordinator at the CSVDC.

Resources were also deployed to the school to support the school’s management and all staff, she adds.

Assistance for children is also being deployed with the intervention of a post-intervention team of psychologists and spiritual and community leaders who were also present at school on Tuesday.

“These people are on the ground to organize the service. They provide staff, management and teachers with guidelines that will enable them to support students in this situation, says Langlois. What I know is that children in a situation like this need to be reassured. That’s why we send our professionals complementary services. “

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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