Talbot zone confident of avoiding a referendum

The transformation of Talbot Zone into a Business Development Corporation (TCS) is entering a crucial period. On May 7th, the opposition register will be opened for the project to be signed by 71 traders for the holding of a referendum. The management of the organization is confident that they can avoid this step.
A ver the past few days, the Legal Department and the Registry of Saguenay sent by registered mail to 602 traders in the sector of notice of initiation of the register include supporting documentation related to the creation of future business development company.

Pierre Delisle, President of Zone Talbot, accompanied by Rémi Simard, Vice-President, reminds that the process of creation of the SDC stems from a desire of the city to see Zone Talbot be transformed in order to continue to receive the annual financial assistance $ 145,000 from which she was deprived for the 2019 financial year.

Among the most significant changes that will result from the creation of the TCS is the fact that the $ 230 annual fee charged to commercial property owners based on the number of tenants will be collected directly from merchants in the designated area the city.

“Currently, the $230 contribution is paid by 95% of the members. The creation of the CDS will have the effect of slightly increasing the number of contributors since property owners will also have to pay their share. We are talking about a dozen real estate owners. ”

Given members’ sense of belonging to their organization, Mr. Delisle does not believe that the referendum stage will be necessary. The number of signatories who signed the petition was 54, while about 40 were needed. Two information meetings organized in the presence of Pierre Boudreault, the firm Arteres, were held in the presence of 122 members without opponents have strongly expressed themselves.

Should a referendum be necessary, it will be held in mid-June.

With respect to the governance of the future SDC, Mr. Delisle says there will be no major changes, but in theory the new mandates will fall to City Council. “It will be a recognition of the work we do. We are lobbyists who want to influence the city’s direction with respect to the development of the sector. ”

The visual improvement of the Talbot area, the enhancement of safety on this artery under the Department of Transport, changes in consumer habits and the improvement of the attractiveness of the sector for a supra-regional clientele will continue to be the priorities of the body.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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