Saw-tooth relationships at the Rives-du-Saguenay School Board

The hearings in the matter of the dismissal of Chantale Cyr, former director general of the Commission scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay, and psychological harassment in her place, continued for a 17th day, Tuesday, before the Administrative Labor Tribunal , while the tensions with the frames were again discussed at length.
M Éric Le Bel, Ms. Cyr lawyer, against-examined Marie-Josée Tremblay, former Director Deputy, who testified in previous hearings, the behavior of the CEO.

During his examination before Judge Guy Roy, Mr. Le Bel tried to point out that Ms. Tremblay based this testimony on hearsay concerning Ms. Cyr, trying to spread the good relations between the two executives since the appointment of this last until his resignation on March 13, 2017.

According to the testimony, the wind would have turned between the two executives following a meeting held in October 2016 where Mrs. Cyr would have asked Mrs. Tremblay to improve her performance in relation to the planning of her work, the anticipation of people’s reactions to decisions, communication and writing difficulties and allegations of being surprised to play Candy Crush during or before executive meetings. Then there were meetings with Martin Deschênes and Carl Duchesne to correct these deficiencies.

Ms. Tremblay indicated that she has since ceased to have cordial relations with Ms. Cyr. It was subsequently that Ms. Tremblay decided to resign by claiming to have been pushed to the limit and subjected to maneuvers by the management.

Me Le Bel interviewed Ms. Tremblay to point out that the relationship remained cordial afterwards, since Ms. Cyr had introduced Ms. Tremblay as one of the best teachers at a school event. They would also have attended social events like the Salon des Vins, and she would have had a tourtière prepared during Ms. Cyr’s visit to a school. The close relationship allegedly prompted Ms. Tremblay to ask Ms. Cyr to take painting classes with her and even to share the family Christmas party.

Ms. Tremblay mentioned that although relations were cordial at one time, this was no longer the case at the end. She claimed that she had to “pound on her heart” to go to work because of information circulating about Josée Boudreault, shouting, allegations of “unnecessary inquiries” about CFER and the administration of psychometric tests, which made Me Le Bel say that these were gratuitous statements, since Ms. Tremblay was not a direct witness.

In the afternoon, Jean-Claude Girard, a lawyer from the school board, called Chantale Fortin, human resources’ coordinator, who testified about an incident where Ms. Cyr reportedly got angry at the office of an administrative assistant. regarding the tabling of staffing plans. Ms. Cyr allegedly addressed Ms. Fortin by pointing her finger at her employees, advising her that when an employee asks for something, it is as if she is asking for it.

“I did not feel so good about being inappropriately addressed by the Executive Director,” commented Chantale Fortin. I had just been picked up in front of all my colleagues. It had never happened before in my career to make me talk like that. ”

She says she met her supervisor that afternoon to discuss the incident. He said he could not do anything about it.

According to her, the event left traces since she claims to have developed a fear for Ms. Cyr, even going so far as to be afraid to answer the phone by reading Ms. Cyr’s name on her display.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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