Sarah McKenzie’s milestones

Sarah McKenzie says Secrets Of My Heart is the most personal album of her young career. The pianist and singer from Australia says it contains seven original songs, a number higher than usual. It is also the result of several encounters that can be found in the covers concocted in the studio.
P f the experiences that have marked, there was his visit to Brazil, there are 18 months. The one who loves bossa-nova had the chance to play with members of the orchestra of Antonio Carlos Jobim, the master of the genre. ” It was wonderful. I did not stop to say thank you, “said the musician in a cheerful tone, a few days ago, during a telephone interview given to Progress.

From this privileged contact was born the recording of the play De Nada, on which we hear the flutist Danilo Caymmi. “It also inspired me a composition, Till The End Of Time. This is my favorite on record because it reflects the joy we feel in Brazil, even in our time, as the country is going through a difficult time, “says Sarah McKenzie.

Secrets Of My Heart is also inhabited by Michel Legrand, who recently passed away. The title piece, created by the musician, was nurtured by listening to her classics. Added to this is the revival of You Must Believe In Spring, which carries with it the memory of a magical day. This is the time when the French artist played in her company, at the time when she lived in Paris.

“Since we had the same bass player, he was the one who did the approaches,” says Sarah McKenzie. I had learned several pieces from Michel Legrand, but the day he had to go to my apartment, I was nervous, worried. I was afraid it would not come, but it was a fantastic experience. In the end, he suggested that we could do something together, but unfortunately it will not happen. ”

World Minitournee

The album perpetuates their brief collaboration, just like the shows it gives on all the continents, at a more and more sustained pace. After playing in Berlin, for example, she will conduct a mini-tour that will take her to the Palais Montcalm in Quebec City on April 26, and then to the National Bank Theater in Chicoutimi the following day, on the occasion of the Jazz and Blues Festival of Saguenay. He is then expected in Shanghai, France, San Francisco and Germany, which is only a fraction of his itinerary.

“I have been to Montreal before, but this will be my first visit elsewhere in Quebec. I am excited to discover other regions. I will take this opportunity to highlight the pieces from Secrets Of My Heart, while incorporating excerpts from previous recordings, as well as jazz standards, “says Sarah McKenzie.

She was initiated to the blue note since childhood, whose commitment crystallized during her studies at Berklee College in Boston, measure the legacy left by the pioneers of the genre. Among those who touched her were Oscar Peterson of Montreal, Shirley Horne, Duke Ellington and John Coltrane.

Some of them have produced recordings on the Impulse! , the very one who welcomed her at the beginning of her career.

“They had heard about me when I was in Berklee. I was honored by this invitation, but at the time of entering the studio, I was in doubt, “admits the musician. With success, she has gained confidence, which does not prevent him from putting himself in danger on stage, as demonstrated by his medley centered on the work of George Gershwin.

The result of courses followed in recent years, with a teacher from the classical movement. “She showed me bits of Rhapsody In Blue, and I thought it would be cool to put that in a medley. I did it for the new album, and also in the show. When I play for three or four consecutive nights, the classic part flows a little better, “says Sarah McKenzie, with a modesty that honors him.

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