Sale of used vehicles: a near miss

Fraud attempts related to used vehicle transactions are becoming increasingly common in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Had it not been for the vigilance of his father, a man from L’Ascension-of-Notre-Seigneur nearly lost $ 1,500 in favor of scammers.
The Autohebdo announcement of a 2007 Toyota Matrix on sale at $ 1,500 appearing on the Kijiji website seemed very appealing. The vehicle was presented in perfect condition with 73,000 kilometers on the odometer. Working outside the region, Alexandre Guay, who was shopping for a used vehicle, commissioned his father Régis Guay to finalize the transaction.

It is by recalling the media coverage of similar fraud attempts that his father, Régis Guay, took a more serious look at the transaction.

L’Ascensois quickly discovered the pot rose by noticing the various senders of emails. “A person had to compromise. Each time, it was not the same person anymore. Friday morning, I received a call. It was a gentleman to whom I asked to repeat several times in order to understand it well. When I asked him where he lived in Quebec, he hung up, “says Guay. He told his mishap to allow others to avoid the same trap.

“He was the representative of the brother-in-law of a lady who would be a doctor for Unicef ​​and who would live in Jonquière. The deaf and dumb lady could not communicate with a potential buyer, “added Régis Guay, laughing at the unlikely story. Relying on security reasons, the scammer claimed that it was impossible to appear in person. Instead, he claimed the sum of $ 1,500 via the Western Union money transfer service.

Régis Guay spotted the message received in another fraud attempt. “You will drive us to your mechanic for the general inspection of the car so that he can attest that you are doing a very good job. Then, we will carry out a road test for one hour minimum time, and we will go to the SAAQ for the transfer of the papers on your behalf and to establish the written contract of the sale. I will definitely give you the key to your car, “reads one of the emails received.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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