Place for women at the Theatre du Nouveau Monde

The Theater du Nouveau Monde (TNM) unveiled yesterday its 2019-2020 programming. On the theme of “Dream Big”, the repertory theater company, founded in 1951, offers seven shows (including two non-subscription) which highlight the rich imagination of the artisans of the stage, including that of a majority of women.

Indeed, TNM director Lorraine Pintal is delighted to have reached parity, while among the 120 artists and designers who are part of her new season, there will be 33 women on stage and 33 designers.

The word of women will not be left out. We will hear that of Gabrielle Roy, in the cover of The distress and enchantment with Marie-Therese Fortin. And that of Sylvie Drapeau with River , her beautiful text that will be staged by Angela Konrad in November. This one also signifies the adaptation of this first part of the tetralogy of Flag, which counts also the Sky , the Hell and the Earth . The actress-novelist will be on stage alongside Samuël Cote and two young actresses.

A contemporary Lysistrata

In the spring of 2020, the women’s revolt will be on the scene with Lysis , a creation freely inspired by Aristophane’s Lysistrata , signed by two inspired young designers, Fanny Britt and Alexia Burger. Lorraine Pintal will be leading an impressive cast, including Monia Chokri, Anne-Elisabeth Bose, France Castel and Marie Tifo. M me Pintal also the staging of The swallowing of swallowed , Rejean Ducharme, with among others Louise Marleau. An “intimate” piece for a small audience (400 seats), sitting in the stands on the TNM stage, with a single price and an open bar, in the spirit and wishes of Ducharme.

The soul of women

The soul and the unfulfilled desire of the women of another time, we find it in the spleen of Macha, Irina and Olga, this memorable trio of Chekhov’s Three Sisters. The masterpiece of the Russian author will be revisited by Rene Richard Cyr, with Evelyne Brochu, Noemie Godin-Vigneau and Rebecca Vachon in the title roles.

The return of the opera Nelligan

Lorraine Pintal had a good thought for the composer Andre Gagnon, “who is going through difficult times” with his health. Nelligan , the romantic and popular opera he wrote with Michel Tremblay (on the libretto), was reborn at the TNM on January 14, almost 30 years after its premiere at the Opera de Montreal. Marc Hervieux will play Nelligan old; Dominique Cote, the young poet. Kathleen Fortin plays her mother. And Linda Sorgini takes over the role created by Renée Claude. Normand Chouinard signs the staging.

A dream of youth

“Healthy people are sick people who do not know each other.” This was the motto of the French author Jules Romains. The latter, rarely mounted in Quebec, is one of Alexis Martin’s favorite playwrights. He dreams of playing Knock or the Triumph of Medicine since graduating from the Conservatory of Theater 35 years ago. The actor will open the season of TNM, with this squeaky comedy, created in 1923 by Louis Jouvet. She is staged by her accomplice NTE, Daniel Briere.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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