Opening of the fishing: the ritual of the first trout

A few enthusiasts were at the rendezvous for the ritual of the opening of the sport fishing season, Friday, on the Chicoutimi River, at the foot of the Portage-des-Roches dam, in Laterrière, and on the various holiday lakes. peri-urban environment. The sun was at the rendezvous, to the delight of fishermen.
A dozen boats were struggling in the swirls of the Chicoutimi River to tease the brook trout numbed by the cold water discharged by the gates of the dam, a favorite spot for this species that prefers well oxygenated water.

Brook trout, commonly known as brook trout, is the preferred species of Quebec fishermen. About 16 million speckled trout are caught each season, compared to nearly eight million walleye, the second most popular sport species of the one million Quebec fishermen.

It is therefore to catch brook trout that most fans of the 70,000 fishermen of the region come to the water. It’s been eight months since the trout fishermen put away their fishing rod, so the opening day was eagerly awaited.

“I do not eat it. I fish for pleasure. I have one of my uncles who is very happy when I bring him trout, “said Tonny Michaud, from La Baie, who was on the ice of Clair Lake, Saint-David-de-Falardeau, since 5 am 30 in the morning.

“Last year, I took five at the opening, including a beautiful three pounds. I think the fishery opens too late on Clear Lake. We should have the right to fish starting April 15. It’s a lake that does not bite the summer. It’s good just at the opening and a few days after the departure of the ice, “says the fisherman, holding his trout for a photo.

The opening of the fishery, this spring, coincides with the charm operation launched by the 63 zecs (controlled zone) of the province to interest young people of the next generation to frequent their territory. “With their ” osto ” phone, teens do not want to know anything about fishing. They prefer to play Nintendo. The youngest ones want to follow, but not our teens, “observes Frédéric Vandal, Laterrière, who was fishing with his childhood friend Marc-André Simard.

He also pointed out that they too have abandoned the wood as a teenager. The two fishermen present themselves at the opening day when they have the opportunity to do so while waiting to take the wood in mid-May to get to their fishing lodge.

Unhappy owners

The opening day of the fishing season is not only happy. Homeowners on the shores of lakes find it unacceptable for fishermen to go on their private property to fish on resort lakes.

“Would you like that dozens of people pass in your backyard next to your shed to go on the street?” Asked Jocelyn Tremblay, waterfront owner at Lac Grenon, Falardeau.

“It’s the same thing every year; the fishermen go to my yard to go to the lake. I managed to block some this morning, but these people do not respect private property, “denounces the one who politely refused to let the journalist on his land.

“Fishermen do not pick themselves up, leave their cans and their boxes of worms, not to mention the risk of theft,” drops the owner of a cottage at the edge of the water.

“They parked their vehicle along Boulevard Martel, where it is forbidden. I called the Sûreté du Québec, but they do not do anything. I can not stop them from being on the lake. Water belongs to everyone, but I refuse to let them pass on my land, “insisted Jocelyn Tremblay.

The same reaction was observed at Clair Lake, where one owner said that people lack good citizenship and good manners.

“There are posters” private land “, but people do not even bother to ask permission,” denounces the local.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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