Nine months in prison for a former teacher who abused his student

Retired math teacher Richard Robitaille, 64, is sentenced to nine months in jail for having an affair and having multiple sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old student.
R obitaille pleaded guilty to having sex with the young woman. The events occurred in 1994 and 1995 while he was the math teacher and guardian of the teenager at the versatile Loretteville, now called Roger-Comtois High School.

The vulnerable girl, sometimes placed in foster care, was infatuated with the 40-year-old teacher. She initiated her bond with a kiss. But that did not allow the accused to abuse her, Judge Christian Boulet of the Court of Quebec immediately said in her decision on the sentence. The teacher and the teenager will have several sexual relations, especially during the lunch hour break, in motels on boulevard Hamel. Robitaille also brings the girl to drink alcohol in bars of dancers.

“He had to educate and protect and not take advantage of his naivety and vulnerability,” says the judge, by imposing a sentence of nine months of detention without a criminal record.

The Crown was seeking a 12-month jail sentence while the defense suggested a 12-month sentence in the community, with 240 hours of community service and donations to a women’s organization.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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