New image for the Granby Zoo

The Granby Zoo continues its momentum. In addition to having recorded in 2018 the second best affluence of its history, it will now display a new image that marks the beginning of a “new era”.
“At the same time that we reveal beautiful figures, we unveil a new image. With the $ 51 million investment in the master plan, the new image will set the tone. We can say that this is a new era: an era of success and achievements related to the mission of conservation and preservation of wildlife, “said General Manager Paul Gosselin, the media a few hours before annual general meeting.

He claims that this new brand image was in preparation for two years. An internal team worked there with the firm lg2. Very quickly, the old logo, which came in several variants, will be replaced on outdoor posters – including the arch at the front desk -, stationery, employee clothing, merchandise, etc.

Social media have already adopted Wednesday night this new image which, according to the DG, is more “unifying and pure”. “It marks the modernity of the Zoo,” he says.

The year 2018 will have enabled the Granby Zoo to record a total of 862,460 people. The winter and spring seasons, as well as the sale of subscriptions, continue to grow.

The record to beat was established in 2017 with some 940,000 visitors. A popularity attributed at the time to the establishment of the attraction Dinozoo.

One million visitors

Paul Gosselin estimates that with the modernization work in preparation and the business plan developed, the Zoo could reach a milestone of one million visitors by 2023. In the wake, says-t- However, various measures will be put in place to facilitate the logistics of the reception, so that the experience remains up to expectations.

The Zoo will also continue to work with the City of Granby and the local police to improve the flow of traffic around the main site during peak periods, notes Paul Gosselin.

The Zoo recently announced that it has invested $ 7.4 million in the purchase of eight lots, most of which will be used for parking and will allow the addition of nearly 1,000 additional boxes. Some 700 boxes will be set up on one of these lots this summer, on rue des Colombes, where a secondary parking lot is already located. The shuttle service will be maximized.

Year of lions

The novelty of 2019 will certainly be the new habitat of lions, developed at a cost of $ 3 million, according to Paul Gosselin. Allowing felines to see the year, it will be inaugurated in mid-June.

A new 7D cinema experience can also be experienced near the amusement park. Dinozoo’s lively and life-sized dinosaurs are still in place for a third and final year. The autumn night activity, Noctambule, is under revision.

Construction work on the new Business and Events pavilion has been going strong for a few weeks. Various small projects are also carried out on the site according to future projects.

Some old pavilions, such as guards, have disappeared from the landscape to make room for new facilities. It is already expected that the year 2020 is that of rhinos and hippos, slips Paul Gosselin.

The Granby Zoo has also increased its donations for conservation, so that in 2018 it granted a record amount of $ 375,000 for the realization of various projects in kind, here and elsewhere, said the Director General.

Going green

New actions will also be taken in 2019 to promote sustainable development, announces Paul Gosselin. Straws, among others, will no longer be available, except on request. Plastic bags will also be removed.

To eliminate the plastic water bottles, the Zoo will multiply over the next three years the installation of filling stations, in short, watering troughs. “We will also discuss with our suppliers, at the contractual level, how to totally eliminate water bottles. That’s the wish, “says the leader.

The development of an ecoresponsible menu and the presence of a street food truck, powered by renewable energies, are other initiatives that will be put forward.

“The demand is there. It’s not just the customers who want that, our employees too. (…) We will take this turn, but step by step, “says Paul Gosselin, who points out that the Zoo is waiting to obtain the second level of eco-responsible certification.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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