Motorized sport of Saint-Felicien carried away by the flames

The Sport Motorized garage, located on Hamel Boulevard in Saint-Félicien, was completely destroyed by the flames on Monday morning.
At 7:20 am, the Saint-Félicien Fire Department received a call from a nearby merchant, warning them that flames were coming out of the Motorized Sport building, explained Viateur Aubé, Chief Operations Officer the general alarm to gather all available firefighters from Saint-Félicien and Saint-Prime.

In the sky, thick black smoke, visible for miles around, escaped from the burning building.

Upon arrival at the scene, the firefighters started an offensive fire attack, but the intense heat, caused in particular by the combustion of petroleum products and other flammable products, forced the brigade to change tactics to work instead in defensive mode, noticed Mr. Aube, who in front of the intensity of the flames also appealed to the firemen of La Dore to fight the fire. At the height of the operations, 35 firemen were on the scene. Nobody was inside the building when the fire broke out.

Barely 1h20 after the initial warning, the building was already declared a total loss. “We did not manage to control the fire to keep the building because the flames were too intense, adds the head of operations. It was too dangerous, and we had to use a shovel to complete the extinction and put the building on the ground to make it safe. ”

While mastering the fire, the firefighters also had to keep their eyes open to make sure there was no damage to the neighboring building, and that the fire did not take in the piles of logs accumulated in the fire. Resolute Forest Products yard a few tens of meters away.

For now, the causes of the fire were not known and experts will inspect the debris to determine it.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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