Minister Garneau wants to demand flight simulators for Max 8 pilots

Federal Transportation Minister Marc Garneau said on Wednesday that airlines who want to operate the Boeing 737 Max 8 in Canadian airspace should first train their pilots in a flight simulator.
J ntil recently, most US airlines did not require flight simulator training for pilots Max 8. These aircraft are grounded on the orders of aviation authorities around the world, from the crushing of murderer an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft, March 10. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that American Airlines will begin using flight simulators, a major change.

Mr. Garneau emphasized the effectiveness of flight simulators at an event in Montreal on Wednesday, drawing on his experience as an astronaut.

He pointed out that proper training required more than a one-hour course on an electronic tablet, in reference to a statement from the American Airlines Pilots’ Union that the pilots already qualified for the Boeing 737-800 had to follow a training program of one hour on an iPad before being able to pilot the Max 8.

The Minister of Transport closed the Canadian airspace at Max 8 last month because of security concerns related to Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, whose crash shared striking similarities with that of a Lion Air aircraft, occurred on October 29 in Indonesia.

The crash of the two Max 8 aircraft killed a total of 346 people, including 18 Canadians.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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