Mayor of North Hatley stays on course despite floods

Flooding in different parts of Quebec is unlikely to lead local authorities to reconsider their position regarding the development of the North Hatley Village Center.
T ant the Prefect of the MRC Memphremagog, Jacques Demers, the mayor of North Hatley, Michael Page, continue to believe that it would be possible to make a real major project in the center of the village, provided you take measures to prevent possible flooding from causing damage to the buildings that would be built there.

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North Hatley keeps track of real estate project

Over the past few days, the water level has risen in Lake Massawippi. The Dreamland Park, in the heart of the village, as well as the restaurant Le Pilsen were flooded like every spring or so. But Mr. Page is far from alarmed by the situation.

“It’s serious, all there is flooded areas in Quebec right now. And it is true that we must take measures in places so that it does not happen again. On the other hand, we did not experience flooding on the land that would be developed, in the center of the village, during the last two floods of importance. It’s a good sign and we think we could go ahead with a project there, “he says.

Jacques Demers is also of the opinion that the Quebec government must take action on the “public safety basis” to avoid repeated floods in certain areas of Quebec. However, he considers that the same remedy should not be applied to all situations.

“In North Hatley, for example, the project studied by the municipality was analyzed by several departments and they all concluded that there was no problem. It should not be forgotten that buildings would be immune to rising water. In this context, we end up wondering what is the real risks? Says Demers.

At the moment, the ball is in the Quebec government’s court. The MRC of Memphrémagog looked into North Hatley’s intentions and concluded that, properly supervised, a real estate project in the center of this village would not represent an aberration. It remains to be seen if the provincial will hear it in the same way.

MP for Orford, Gilles Bélanger will not have the last word on this issue. But he is repeating to anyone who wants to hear him that he is not in favor of building dozens of housing units in the flood zone in the center of North Hatley.

Mr. Bélanger believes that the small municipality should consider a merger with its neighbor the Township of Hatley before opting for a real estate project floodplain to increase its income from property taxes.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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