Guilty of rage at the driving wheel

A driver was sentenced to five years in prison for pointing a firearm during an episode of road rage and violence against a woman.
The e October 12, 2017, Charles-Andre Fish, 39, was driving in Charlesbourg. Two friends take a seat in his car.

Stopped at a red light, Poisson and the motorist waiting in the next lane are taunting each other. They begin to chase each other.

At some point, Poisson stops his vehicle. He goes out, shows off the pistol he wears on his belt and loads it in front of the occupants of the other vehicle. He never pointed them with the weapon, he says.

Young men around 18 will call the police. The patrolmen quickly located Charles-Andre Poisson’s vehicle, but the latter fled, abandoning his gun en route. There were three bullets in the magazine, including one in the room. The man will be arrested in the lobby of an apartment building soon after.

Charles-Andre Poisson will be sent to therapy for six months to solve his drinking problems.

Chicane and prohibited weapon

On October 12, 2018, while he is at liberty, Poisson and the young woman whom he is harboring at this moment are fighting over each other violently. The woman spades Charles-Andre Poisson with a knife. The latter will seize her by the throat.

The woman calls 9-1-1 saying that Fish has a gun.

The police in Lévis will indeed find on the spot a .12 caliber rifle. A bag of ammunition accompanies the prohibited firearm.

Charles-André Poisson, who has a few criminal records, pleaded guilty Friday, apologizing to the court for his behavior.

A pre-trial detention of 10 months and a half must be subtracted from the penalty of 60 months.

Charles-André Poisson will not be allowed to own a firearm for 10 years and will never be able to touch a prohibited firearm again.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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