Gilbert Products invests $ 5 million

Products Gilbert, of Roberval, specializes in the production of equipment for sawmills, all-terrain surfacers, equipment for the forest industry and for construction, invests $ 5 million to acquire new robotic machining units to increase productivity.
The investment was announced Friday afternoon by the president of the company, Sylvain Gilbert, in the presence of Richard Hébert, MP for Lac-Saint-Jean and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion , and the member for Roberval, Nancy Guillemette, on behalf of his colleague, Minister of the Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon.

Produits Gilbert obtained financial assistance totaling $ 3.9 million in interest-free loans from three programs managed by Canada Economic Development, the Essor Program and Investissement Québec.

In an interview, Lydia Gaudreault, General Manager of Produits Gilbert, said that the loans allow the acquisition of a Fastens robot that will supply three new machining and machining units from the manufacturer DMG Mori. “The robot we are acquiring will manage the tools of the three machining units whose function is to manufacture various parts. The robot we currently own does not start a job until there are 25 tools available. The new robot can undertake a task with five tools available, “she said. Two robot welders will also enter the factory.

Ms. Gaudreault added that the investment will greatly improve the productivity of the Boulevard Marcotte plant while the order book is already full at the cork.

Another aspect of the investment, she says, is that the company will be able to improve its performance in the delivery of spare parts for the equipment it supplies to the market.

In its main market for the manufacture of planers, feed tables, acceleration chains, automatic harvesting systems for sawmills and forestry parts, delays caused by parts shortages can be costly, in advance Ms. Gaudreault.

Despite the entry into the robotic systems factory, Gilbert Products plans to create 18 new jobs that will add to the 125 existing ones. The positions of machinists, mechanics, production employees, technicians in robotization and computer programming will be created after the installation of new equipment.

No expansion of the existing plant will be necessary since the installation of the new equipment requires interior refitting only.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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