Get inspired by Finland

A little less hockey, a little more multisport, and a differently configured schedule. The management of Mont-Sainte-Anne College wants its hockey program to be more inspired by the scientific literature as to its organization. A change in mentality that will be progressive, says Olivier Audet, but sustainable.
The Director General of the Boys’ Educational Institution says that he has watched closely the results of both the Junior World Junior Boys Championship and the recently concluded Women’s World Championship.

Each time, Finland has been successful. She won in the boys and lost, in the controversy, in the final against the United States in the girls.

“We want to focus on a multi-sport approach, and above all, reduce the training volume of our teams. I notice, after a year since my arrival, that young people have a big load, and that it catches them, towards the end of the year, “he said.

“That’s why we, myself and two hockey program coaches, met with André Lachance in Ottawa to see how we could build our hockey program. And the first document he showed us is the reference document for soccer in France, a country that won the World Cup in 2018. And one of the first premises is to make players good citizens, respectful at all times. We did not even talk about soccer! Said Olivier Audet.

André Lachance is technical commissioner for international competitions and major games. He is also Professor of Coaching and Sport Psychology at the University of Ottawa.

“We presented the results of our meeting to the parents and the reception was enthusiastic. Regarding the training volume, we would like, towards the end of the year, to replace the third practice of the week by another sport. We will start gradually and gradually, because we are aware that there can be resistance. But the idea of ​​multisports is nothing new. Its benefits are known; it is still necessary to apply it, “said Olivier Audet.

“We still think that to improve hockey, you just have to play even more. At the end of the school year, the guys are exhausted, especially mentally. It is also expected to better match games and training during exam periods. I believe that the concrete examples given by Finland will eventually snowball. ”

The Marquis du Mont-Sainte-Anne’s hockey teams play in the School Hockey League (LHPS).

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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