Elliott Doyle

GDPL: Elliott Doyle will act as super framer

Elliott Doyle
Elliott Doyle
Almatois Elliott Doyle may have retired from road cycling, but cycling is still alive and well. The affable young man could also put his talent to the service of the 1000 km Grand Defi participants in June, since Pierre Lavoie recruited him to be part of his team of super supervisors.
J ante on Tuesday, the 25-year-old confirmed that he will experience his very first 1000 km Grand Challenge experience from June 13 to 16. “We met in Montreal at a conference of pharmacy students and spoke a little later. Then, the following week, he asked me if I was interested in being a great framer for the GDPL. I was really surprised and happy and said yes! “He said, eager to discover this great annual meeting.

“It will be a first experience for me and I can not wait to see what it looks like. My father (Ralph Doyle), has already done it twice with a team, “says one who appreciates the confidence that Pierre Lavoie has given him by recruiting him. “It’s a nice gesture and it’s really appreciated! ”

A great challenge

Although he is fully dedicated to his pharmacy studies at Laval University, the Almatois continues to train almost daily. With another two months ahead of him, he should be able to meet this challenge hands down.

“I may not be trained like the last few years, but I will be fit and ready. It’s sure it’s 1000 kilometers in four days, but it does not scare me. We will be 13 super framers and I can not wait to get to know this gang and the whole event too. ”

Elliott Doyle is well aware that he will have to take under his wing the participants who will experience more difficulties during the stages. “The goal is that the participant can finish each stage with fun,” he recalls. As for the help to be provided, it will be déjà vu. “In training or in competition, I have already helped teammates. I’m still pretty skilled on my bike and it’s not too much trouble for me. So, I’m already used to it, “he explains, quite comfortable with this aspect of his mission.

If he lives his baptism of fire in this 11th edition of the GDPL, the Almatois is aware that sleep will be a rare commodity. “I know we can skip two steps, no more. We can, but we are not obliged. It should be nice! ”

“With all the participating cyclists, the Big Challenge gang, the music and all the events, it should give a big rush of adrenaline! Adds the one who is also eager to experience the excitement of the big gatherings during the stages. He also likes the fact that the Big Challenge joins the masses and makes the population aware of their healthy lifestyle.


On the other hand, his love, the mountain biker Catherine Fleury, take part in the Loop on June 15 in Drummondville, and it would not be surprising that far from Alma, a jewel of mountain biking, it also gives a shot hand to the other participants of this “hike” of 135 kilometers!

As for Elliott, even if he will spend part of his summer at his pharmacy internships, he will also give his time sometimes coaching the proco cycling club of Alma and getting involved in Cyclone mountain bike club. Finally, for a second year in a row, he will act as ambassador for the Véloroute des Bleuets.

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Alan Carter
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