Evasion trailers change hands, but stay in the family

After more than two decades at the helm of trailers, owners Johanne Roberge and Daniel Fisette have decided to retire and sell their business. The Fisette family will still remain in the company, since Andrée-Anne, the daughter of the owners, is part of the group of investors who has made the purchase of several million dollars.
“It’s a second wind, consider the one who bought the company with Mario Labonté and MB Capital. My parents had it for 24 years. They went a long way and made a great success of Roulottes É To have people coming for a second wave, I find it very motivating. I see a bright future. ”

Daniel Fisette will still be a few weeks to ensure the transfer. “The hardest thing was to see them quit, it made me a little something. At the same time, they are so happy that I continue the adventure and that I enjoy their many years of work! I’m a little over 30 and the business is 24. I grew up here, my spouse is here and we have friends here, “describes the woman who is the director of operations.

The mentality of the company will remain substantially the same. “We have already made additions, such as outdoor service areas, and hired new staff. It’s been 24 years that we do things with the same mold, it is sure that having external points of view, it brings improvement. We aim for prosperity. We are going to look for new marketing and technical skills, “she says, visibly enthusiastic.

This sale, which was officially completed on March 1st, has been going on for a few months now. “It was very fast, we went fishing. In October, an offer from Mario Labonté and MB Capital was made. I was then approached and decided to join the group. We had a very nice meeting and a nice dynamic settled. I accepted the proposal, “says the businesswoman, who started her professional career with Roulottes É while she was a student. “I’m at home, at Roulottes Escape! She says, laughing.

For Mario Labonté, it was important to partner with someone in the family. “Keeping someone who is already in place and who knows everything, it secures all the staff who are already there. When there are new ones, there is always uncertainty. People are wondering what will happen. By involving Andrée-Anne, we also ensure a succession, she is young and knows the job, “he says, admitting enjoy the business model of his new company.


The international component could be more exploited by the company, which has already exported its products to Normandy. “It happened once or twice. It’s an experience! We are open to everything. We have the largest RV center in Estrie. We have customers from Europe who do not have access to the same rooms as us. We have already fixed fridge problems via YouTube in South Africa. So why not trailers at Roulottes É around the world! It would be nice for us, “says Andrée-Anne Fisette.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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