Earth Day: demonstration around the National Assembly

Thousands of youth and environmental activists gathered around the National Assembly to create a human chain on Monday for Earth Day. By a symbolic gesture, they put pressure on the deputies by pushing the National Assembly with their hands.
The event began with a Wendipiap wendate ceremony: Between Us and Mother Earth. A march was then set in motion in the streets of Quebec City. The objective of the “symbolic and festive” gathering was to ask the Quebec government to take “concrete actions in the face of the climate emergency”.

During the march, the demonstrators chanted: “We are hotter than the climate, it’s only a beginning, let’s continue the fight”. They also called on the premiers of Canada and Quebec to say, “Trudeau, Legault, do your homework, recess is over.”

“Young people tell us they are tired of waiting for a change of course. I told Mr. Legault this week: “You think that I’m the one who’s hooding, come meet the young people. They will explain to you why even if you make believe that there are investments that are made for the fight against climate change, we understand that in the end, it will not change much, so come see them. “He said he would not come because it’s not a prime minister’s place. Me, I think it’s my place here, “said the co-spokesperson of Quebec Solidaire, Manon Masse.

Josiane Leger came from Laval with her two children to demonstrate and challenge the government. “It must move, we are on the edge of the abyss. It is now that leaders must take action, “she insisted.

The Parti Quebecois environmental critic, Sylvain Gaudreault, Member of Parliament for Jonquiere, was also present at the event. He asked the government to call in committee Bill 194, which was supported by Quebec Solidaire and the Liberal Party of Quebec. “The government has to say,” We do not make the commitment to adopt it, “I’m willing to live with it,” but we’ll hear from the groups to tell us what they think about it. a bill like this “. It will help the government take a step forward and save time because it will have to come up with a new climate change action plan starting next year. ”

Symbolic gesture

Back in front of the National Assembly, the demonstrators surrounded the building. During this time, about ten young people took the floor to explain the reason for their mobilization and to challenge the government.

At the signal of the organizers, the people took the hand and made a symbolic gesture pushing towards the National Assembly to put pressure on the deputies.

“It will be with concrete citizen actions that will make the difference and force the government to commit,” said Vincent Lapointe, a student at Laval University.

According to Mr. Gaudreault, a strong message is sent to the government and it must hear it. “There are more and more concrete events that demonstrate climate change. The population seizes this and mobilizes more and more, “he said.

Shuttles from Saguenay, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres and Gatineau were offered free of charge to transport the demonstrators to Quebec City.

The event was held just over a month after a climate demonstration in Quebec City. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 around the world, and raises awareness among civil societies about climate change issues.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
Alan Carter has been a reporter on the news desk since 2015. Before that she wrote about young adolescents and family dynamics for Styles and was the legal affairs correspondent for the Metro desk. Before joining The Koz Post, Alan Carter worked as a staff writer at the Village Voice and a freelancer for Newsday, The Wall Street Journal, GQ and Mirabella.