Clay and Friends: Brazil invites itself

Montreal-based band Clay and Friends, a quintet with exploding musical influences, will wear the colors of today’s Montreal mixed with the Saguenay jazz and blues festival.
The group has launched this winter La Musica Popular de Verdun, a second CD directly inspired by Brazilian culture and the place where it was created, Verdun’s booming neighborhood in Montreal.

In an interview, the leader of the training, Mike Clay, said that he had come to know this culture a bit by chance, he who was not focused on Latin music. “She’s an ex-girlfriend who introduced me to Brazilian music. Before, to be honest, I had a lot of prejudices. I considered it like elevator music. I discovered all kinds of artists, who made me know the state in which the society is there, “he says, saying he discovered as much music as the thinkers of the largest country in the world. South America. The title of the album refers to a TV show aired in Brazil, which featured the popular music of the moment and which corresponds to the philosophy of Clay and Friends.

“It’s a bit like what we wanted to do. We went digging in all styles, hip-hop, jazz, funk, reggae. And we did a kind of best-of [of all these styles], with this project, “says the leader of the training, adding that the group Clay and Friends is distinguished on stage by the energy it gives off. At the base of the group, there are Mike Clay and Adel Kazi, who made their musical debut in the street. Experienced musicians add to this core.

“When we started, Adel was doing beat-box; I improvised texts about passers-by. To that, Clement added, who has a more academic background. He managed to add depth to the five guitar chords that I know, “Mike Clay jokes.

Clay and Friends will be at Bistro Cafe Summum in Chicoutimi on April 27th.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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