Cheerleading expelled from the palestra

Financial constraints and a difficult cohabitation prompted the leaders of the Chicoutimi Sagym Gymnastics Club to push the X Force Élite cheerleading club out of the Johnny-Gagnon palestre starting in June.
In a telephone interview, Julie Tremblay, Technical and Operations Director, confirmed that the members of the Board had no real choice but to make this decision at the last meeting in March.

“The main reason is finances. This club had been in a deficit for a few years and it is not a small deficit. It was the gymnastics club that absorbed this deficit. We tried to push back a little this year and it did not happen. We had asked that they be self-financing, but we were far from that. So we had to make this flat decision, “she said at first.

The technical director also highlighted the different ways of training in these two disciplines. “Cohabitation with gymnastics is extremely difficult because (cheerleading) is a team sport whose members are super dynamic. And that’s what it takes. It also takes loud music, noisy cheering and it claps hands, while gymnastics requires concentration and a calmer atmosphere. It was becoming unlivable, “says Tremblay.

“These are tough decisions to make, but we did not have a choice. The cheerleading coach was immediately notified, “says Julie Tremblay, who also informed the head of the school groups in both disciplines about the situation and the reasons that led to the decision.

New discipline

This decision is also motivated by the arrival of a new sports discipline, callisthenia, and that of a new group of sport-studies in gymnastics. “Sagym also needs spaces to welcome new disciplines that Gymnastique Québec brings us and which will open us up to other clienteles,” added Julie Tremblay.

Callisthenia consists of training on modules and combines both muscular strength and gymnastic skills. The discipline is particularly popular on beaches in Australia and California, but also in New York. Acrobats in circuses are also good examples. “We also need space for this and for a new group that is coming into sport-studies gymnastics,” said the technical director and operations of Sagym.

Moreover, like other sports organizations, talks are underway for a possible merger with the club Jako Jonquière. The clubs had advanced the possibility of relocating the two clubs in the future multisport center.



Member of the group of veterans of the X Force Élite cheerleading club, Coralie Caouette would certainly have preferred to live a completely different scenario just days before her second participation in the prestigious World Championships which will take place in Orlando, from April 24th to 30th.

The 22-year-old who has been doing cheerleading for ten years agrees that the fact that the club will no longer have room to train from June just cast a shadow over the happiness of the delegation that is preparing to be around cheerleading cream in Florida.

“Of course it really hurts and it affects us, but at least we can finish our year,” she concedes in a telephone interview. It’s more the fact that we will not have any room afterwards. Our club will have to stop its activities for an indefinite period because we have no place to go. We hope for a miracle solution! ”

The morale of the team remains good despite everything. “As for the atmosphere within the team, I would say that we try to use this news as a source of motivation, saying that these are our latest practices and competitions together. We tried to turn that into a positive one, but that’s sure it really affects us a lot. But we focus on what will happen there, and we’ll see when we get back, “she says with determination.

Second participation

Obviously, in her second presence at the World Championships, Coralie Caouette approaches the competition with a little more confidence than the members of her team who will experience a first. “Of course I feel less stress because I know a little what to expect,” confirms the young woman recalling however that these are new routines and that a good part of the team in will be at his first championships.

“It’s never the same because it’s not the same team (as in 2017). But the base remains mainly the same since, in the region, we are not many to be returned to this level. I’m confident. We feel ready, even if we still have some small adjustments to make to be perfect. But in terms of preparation, I think we are ready for the challenge! ”



Saguenay will try to find a solution to help the X Force Elite cheerleading club find a new training room.

President of the Sports and Outdoor Committee, Michel Thiffault had not been able to talk with the staff of the Sports Commission on Friday.

He will relaunch the file Tuesday in the hope of resolving the impasse in which the high-level cheerleading club finds itself.

The cheerleading club has been practicing for the past ten years at the Johnny-Gagnon palestre, where it shares facilities with the Sagym gymnastics club in Chicoutimi.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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