Ariane Aubin promotes hockey in China

Hockey brings good news to Ariane Aubin these days. The Baieriveraine, who recently won a third series title in as many seasons with the Cégep de Limoilou College Titans in women’s college hockey, is about to leave for China with her teammates to promote the sport for a dozen years.
With the exception of the cost of airfare, all expenses of the players and staff of the team will be paid by the Chinese government. Simply to sum up the reason for this adventure for the Titans, Cégep de Limoilou is part of the worldwide network of the Confucius Institute, established in 2004 and aimed at promoting Chinese culture. A call for tenders was launched in the fall and the leaders of the Quebec institution responded positively to the invitation. On their return from the holidays, during a team activity, the players were made aware, which of course caused the shouts of joy. “It’s something exceptional,” says Ariane Aubin, who will be making her first trip to Asia on May 25.

“We do not have the chance every day to go there. It will be a wonderful experience, “said the woman who was visiting the region for a few days during the Easter break. This initiative was put in place in particular because of the holding of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in 2022. During their journey, the Titans will face the current Chinese national team during friendly matches.

“I think it’s going to be good close games. We will be younger than he. It’s still a national team. It will be strong, “Ariane Aubin expected, noting the many cultural activities in Beijing and Shenzhen, the two cities visited. The players have learned in recent weeks that they can also soak up the local culture and spend two days with a Chinese family. “It’s not fair hockey,” she says.

“Usually, when the season is over, even if we win, there is sadness because we are separated and some leave and new ones arrive. This time, we were happy to win at the end, but without the slight feeling of sadness. We know that it is not over, and we are going to China together. It’s such a great experience that we’re going to live between teammates, “said the striker who has celebrated the playoff championship for the third time in three years, joining the ranks of the Ottawa Gee Gees. Next season at university level.

The Titans swept the three-of-five series against the Champlain-Lennoxville College Cougars to earn top honors for a fourth straight year, a seventh-year conquest in eight years. “On my trio, we started a little slowly the final, but we played well in the last game, in addition to scoring an important goal early in the third,” said Ariane Aubin who scored the equalizer in the meeting decisive, which ended in a 4-2 victory. In addition to her three run-off points in the regular season, striker baieriveraine was 11th in scoring on the provincial circuit with 25 points in 24 games.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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