A young Marist denies extortion

Did a student of the Marist Fathers’ Seminary want to blackmail a friend to have pictures of her naked? One teenager says white, the other says black.
Christopher *, 14, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of computer luring and distributing child pornography. He admits he did not extort for the photos and was tried for this one charge.

Melissa * and Christopher have known each other since elementary school. They are friends, but nothing more, they both say in testimony, before the Youth Chamber.

Melissa and Christopher’s parents also meet, travel and exchange services.

According to Melissa, Christopher is the first to send him a nudge request via SnapChat. She struggles to locate when in the school year.

Uncomfortable, the 13-year-old girl does not know how to respond to requests that she believes are increasing over the days.

She ends up approaching Christopher at school at noon, near the lockers, asking him to stop asking for pictures and stop sending him masturbation videos.

According to Melissa, Christopher threatens to reveal information about her father if she does not send him pictures of her naked.

Melissa says that, upset, she will send a first picture that night. This mailing will be followed by at least half a dozen other pictures of her in underwear or topless.

“I saw he took a screenshot of the photos,” said Melissa. I had no control over what was going to happen and I felt empty. ”

When returning from the 2018 spring break, Melissa learns from her friends that her photos were circulated at the Marist Fathers’ Seminary.

The teenager said she felt the judgment glances of other students as she walked down the hallways of the school. “It took away the urge to continue,” she says in a very small voice. I mutilated myself to change my body. ”

The girl had to receive care in the psychiatric unit of a hospital.

Melissa complains to the police on April 23, a few weeks after two other students of the Marist Fathers.

A different story

The story lived by Christopher is diametrically different. The teenager says he learned from his friends at a Tim Hortons meeting in late February 2018 that Melissa had sent them pictures of her naked.

The same evening, he asks a nude photo to Melissa. He says he was not attracted to Melissa; only curious.

The girl will only accept her second request the next day.

Christopher says he received three pictures of Melissa in bra and a short video where she stripped herself.

In exchange, the boy sends him a photo of penis found on Google, he says.

Christopher agrees that he took screenshots of the girl’s pictures so that she could watch them later. “She did not tell me not to do it,” he says.

He swears he has never threatened Melissa about his father.

Counsel for Christopher M e Stephanie Pelletier-Quirion, submits that the complainant wanted to find a loophole, when photos began to circulate. She chose to point Christopher, said the lawyer, rather than admit that she sent the photos without pressure.

The Crown prosecutor M e Hugo Breton raises him, contradictions in the testimony of the accused. Notably, when Christopher said he received the photos, Melissa was in Cuba, without wi-fi, notes the prosecutor.

Judge Fannie Cotes of the Court of Quebec will render her decision in mid-June.

He was the last of five Marist students to stand trial for the story of sharing photos. Two young people have already received a conditional discharge after pleading guilty. Two others are waiting for their sentence.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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