A man who has plotted to murder his wife could get 9 years in prison

Jimmy Bouchard has never expressed a single remorse for advising an individual to kill his ex-wife in addition to having explosives in his possession. He could therefore be sent behind bars for nine years for committing both crimes.
I t is the recommendation of the judge Jean Hudon from the Court of Quebec, Criminal Division, the Crown prosecutor to Ms. Nicole Ouellet folder. The suggestion of the Crown is double what the prosecutor Bouchard, M e Louis Belliard, proposed to the judge Hudon at the first day of performances, and he reiterated this request in response to the argument of his colleague.

Jimmy Bouchard, it should be remembered, was arrested in December 2016. This arrest put an end to a period of three years during which the individual Dolbeau-Mistassini seriously thought about the proper way to remove his ex-spouse. The man finally pleaded guilty after three days of trial and will receive his sentence Thursday morning.

“It’s been three years since Mr. Bouchard thought about how he was going to get rid of his ex-wife without being caught. He knew that if he got caught, he would not see his child. He even thought to hire a person not to get caught, “hammered the lawsuit to make clear to the judge that the whole approach of Jimmy Bouchard was serious and it was not just a kind of behavior of a depressed or discouraged man, contrary to what the pleading suggested in defense.

Generally, defendants who admit to guilt for a crime and express remorse may argue this regret at the time of sentencing. On Monday, M e Nicole Ouellet especially attracted the attention of Judge Jean Hudon on Bouchard behavior that always brings everything back to him.

“He’s going to lose his house. It is he who does not see his child. It’s only a disempowerment of her actions, “said the lawyer, recalling that when it came to the murder plot, it was not Jimmy Bouchard’s fault, but police officers who handed him a trap.

For these reasons, she is seeking a six-year sentence for the crime of asking someone to commit an indictable offense and a cumulative sentence of two to three years for possessing explosives. At the time of sentencing on Thursday, Jimmy Bouchard will have served 44 months of pre-trial detention.

She followed in the same vein, reminding the judge that in the context of this trial, the defense could not be pleaded by provocation. This is a defense that can be raised in a murder trial and in this case there has never been a murder.

M e Nicole Ouellet refuses to believe the defense theory of the man who has trouble accepting a situation which only think of a way of acting never take action. On this point, she recalled that this is what we could think of cardiologist Guy Turcotte. The name of the latter was mentioned a few times during this trial.

Long reflection

It is also not, according to the lawyer, a particular event that occurs once in time. Jimmy Bouchard has been thinking for a long time about getting rid of his ex-wife. The case took place over a period of three years and ended when the police managed to jam him. So it’s not a whim.

In reply, M e Louis Belliard returned to the man’s thesis has been for some time a multitude of actions of his ex-wife. He even reminded the judge that the ex-wife could increase the number of lawsuits since she benefited from Legal Aid while Jimmy Bouchard had to pay her lawyer’s bills each time.

“The victim was not injured. We are in the range of one to seven years of detention and not nine years. There was no attempted murder that caused injuries, “said the criminal lawyer, who made a suggestion for 41 months of detention.

Before Judge Hudon M e Louis Belliard criticized the cumulative sentence requested by the Crown.

He explains that this is a political concept that wants to hit twice on the nail. In this case, Louis Belliard ensures that the crime of possession of explosives is independent of the other crime since in 2015, Jimmy Bouchard abandoned this idea.

Just yesterday, M e Belliard submitted to the judge that the explosive material found by the police was less powerful than the fireworks counter lights.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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