181 km / h in an area of ​​90

Temerity has a price. A young driver learned harshly Monday afternoon when he was intercepted in his vehicle while driving at 181 km / h in an area of ​​90, in rank 6 in Saint-Bruno. Moreover, this large speeding was recorded when the offender was driving with a suspended driver’s license, representing offenses totaling more than $2100.
The driver, who was barely 20 years old, first received a statement of offense from the Sûreté du Québec of $1678, in addition to 18 demerit points. Since his driver’s license was suspended, a $486 infraction ticket was added, for a grand total of $2164.

The young man’s Ford Focus 2018 car was seized, at his expense, for a period of 30 days. If he holds a probationary license, the driver is entitled to only four demerit points. At best, he has eight because of his young age, according to the regulations of the Quebec Automobile Insurance Company. The 15-point limit only occurs when a driver turns 25 years old.

A large speeding ticket is entered the offending driver’s file for a period of ten years.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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